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tv   U.S. Senate  CSPAN  September 14, 2012 12:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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he offers an example of marriage at its best. not only a fine businessman, he's a fine man. to churn around we've spent four years waiting for. i am not the only one who was told that there maybe he needs to talk more about himself and his life. it wouldn't hurt if orders knew more about the little things that review a man's heart in its territory. ..
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>> he's a modest man with the charitable heart. a doer and a promise keeper. he's the kind of person every community could use more of. he will be the kind of preident who brings out the best in our country. [applause] when he asked me to join the ticket, i told governor romney, let's get this done. that's been my message ever since, and not asking all of you the same. we know what we're up against.
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we now have desperate our opponents are to cling to power. but we are ready. i hope you are, too. because i know that we can do this. whatever your political party let's come together for the sake of our country. let's put these divisive years behind us. let's give this effort everything we have. let's get this done and elected mitt romney the next president of the united states of america. thank you, everybody, and god bless you. [applause] thank you very much. thank you. thank you. ♪ >> thank you. all right, ladies and gentlemen, we are going to give you a to our break so you can give me two
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minutes of your time. i've got a number of announcements i've got to get through. when i see you walking out when i'm talking it hurts my feelings. [laughter] first of all we will put up for bid paul ryan's water bottle which he drank out of. [laughter] i can tell by the commotion that it did not give a strong in a speech about don't be the weird one. what happened? boy, i cannot wait for the debate between this guy and joe biden, how about you? [cheers and applause] all right. let's get to these very quickly by their very important, so follow along with me. name badges must be present for admittance while going to events and give we appreciate your understanding with our security. all backs, packages and person or subject to search. unauthorized taping is not allowed at today's summit.
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we're hosting a reception in the room this evening from 5:30 to 7 p.m. steve king, jim jordan and more. the cost is $100 per person and you can get your ticket upstairs. you must have a ticket to attend. off college and high school students from 5:30-seven tonight there is a mixture downstairs. general william boykin former commander of the army's elite division delta force, and this nation is chronicled in "black hawk down" will be speaking. there'll be a special right versus left debate on the hottest topics of the day including marriage, life, religious liberty between blake matos and rod snyder, president of young democrats for america. alex will be moderating. you will want to miss this and you'll get your dinner which will include all four basic food groups on the same pizza. [laughter] please show your student name tag for admission.
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we have a number of book signings that you want to take advantage of and then see them listed. here are the authors and at times. be sure to get your books in advance so you can take advantage of all of the book signings, the book it is located on regency hall then it just outside the ballroom. let me talk real quick about your money, your values, your vote which began its journey right here last october at the values voter summit. it has been crisscrossing the united states registering voters of sporting concerted candidates are running for office, and shining the light on this administration and its failed policies. please take a few minutes to step on board between new and to, today and tomorrow. it's parked recognize the exhibit hall. just follow the signs. you can't miss it. speaking of the exhibit hall we are delighted to have many profamily conservative organizations from all over the country or exhibiting with us.
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in fact, the second year in a row with so many we had to overflow in the air on the other side of the exhibit hall and was called birdcage walk. we plan to visit these wonderful exhibitors and to show them your appreciation for all the work they do. we are pleased to have our good friend of the media research center again as or sponsor of new media wrote located in the ballroom and, of course, you'll be hearing from a president roosevelt later in the program. almost finished. hang in there. i'm trying to make these announcements as dynamic as possible. [laughter] how about this? in a world where "washington times" is honored -- to be the official publication of this year's values voter summit, we are glad to have "washington times" on board. [applause] appreciate the good work they do. as america's most respected conservative newspaper, the "washington times" is a must read to follow the race to the white house with a no holds barred commentary covering the
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very issues that most concern value voters. all of the -- all attending can receive a free six-month subscription to the "washington times" national weekly edition. please call 1-800 636-3699 and ask for offer why me? so go ahead and write this down. we will be repeating it but you can write this down. you see it in front of you. 1-800 636-3699. be sure to participate in the conversation through twitter and have a lot of your letters posted outside on the monitors. you can add your comments using hash tag dbf one-two. following the evenings sessions i will be showing the film monumental in the ballroom. you need to have your name tag for admittance. if you purchased tickets to the sponsor mayors reception or gala remember the ticket you received is your admittance. lost and found items will be
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turned into hotel security. however, you may want to check in our office sales conference of adjacent to where you registered first to see if anything has been turned into a if you require a little exit time, we'll open the doors a few minutes early. there's an area up front to my right for guest for wheelchairs or scooters. takeover mature with you. keep in mind we have security lines. the doors open at 1:15. we will reconvene at 2:00. i'm done. god bless you, thank you. [applause] ♪ [inaudible conversations]
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>> bringing you all the live coverage of the annual family research council values voter summit here in washington. the republican vice presidential candidate paul ryan wrapped up just a short time ago. we also are for majority leader eric cantor, jim demint and minnesota congresswoman michele bachmann earlier. in a moment we'll open our phone lines to get your thoughts on what you've seen and heard. particularly congressman ryan's comments. he was heckled and shouted down several times. we want to get your thoughts about the summit in june. we are going to show you congressman ryan's remarks again after your phone calls. here are the numbers. (202) 585-3885 for democrats to republicans, your number to
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call, (202) 585-3886. and for independence it is (202) 585-3887. first call is david, calling from rochester on the republican's line. >> caller: good morning. the big issue is jobs. as chairman 490 mentioned yesterday there are five known people on extended unemployment insurance. i offer the suggestion that the federal unemployment insurance benefits be used in conjunction with a nine, $10 per hour job to create 3 million jobs. basically that would basically at no cost. that will put $600 million a week into the economy. would've been any comments from either mr. ryan or governor romney on this concept? family next, charles, west palm beach on the democrat line. >> hello, how are you doing?
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i'm interested in talking about this birth control now. i think all these crack babies on those other things ought to be sent off to these republican houses. they want to stop birth control. that should be the way it goes. as far as jobs go, you need to bring back production, manufacture. manufacturing is the only thing that's going to bring this government back. really think it will bring our economy up to me, you can work in diners, you can work in restaurants and all the other things. as far as the guy was just on who goes, a nine, $10 an hour job if you're living in los angeles or even were i am, you pay the rent of seven, $900 a month for a little squalor, well, try to live on $9 an hour doing that. >> host: taking your calls on the values voter summit going on all day today. san diego, the independent call. >> caller: good afternoon. how you doing? hey, i was in the middle as far
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as he was voting for into romney ended up taking a ride, and i'm kind of getting a clear decision now. it's just because ryan is not ending up being in washington. i think if romney would pick somebody outside of the beltway, he would have a better chance because i'm just like, obama come into the presidential race. he was really unknown and give people a chance. but it holds and got a lot. not on his mistakes but the mistakes ryan mcginniss grew. thanks so much. >> host: jen on the republican's line. >> caller: it's funny what the independent just said about brian being in government accounts at, that you know the vice president biden was in government since he was 29. we paid his bills. anyway, but i just want to kill you, i think it's neat right is doing this. these are the people that are going to be stuck with the debt, the debt we are putting out there. and for ben bernanke got to get in a political deal like this,
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40 billion a month and the aegon is so crappy and jobs, hello, mr. president, what if you don't? talk about values. when paul ryan boasting about mitt romney needs to speak more about himself, mitt romney doesn't do that because he is humble. in his church, which is my church, it doesn't matter if you're a schoolteacher, bishop our mitt romney with his money, you're treated the same way and you treat people with humility. and that's what democrats can't take. and the other thing is, you never have romney on life. you always have biden, yet the president as you bill clinton online. the other day when he was on live bill clinton made a joke about my church, and i me, the mormons have never put anybody's religion down. tried to find it. you will never find it in history. and i didn't appreciate bill clinton got, you know, paul, i'm the president obama is now more
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like bill clinton on economics, oh, my gosh, but i'll tell you, president clinton to want hillary to win so much in 2016, to put down my religion and make a joke about it, i think i'm sorry. if he thinks anybody republicans are going to vote for hillary this, and the 2016, give it up, mr. clinton. >> host: thanks for your call. connecticut, democrats line. >> caller: hi. i first of all want to make three points. i think listening to ryan's speech representative ryan's speech, he mischaracterized obama's record which i guess is not unusual in an election cycle, but they continue to say he's not supportive of israel, that he had tax increases, that he panders to extreme elements, somehow he threatens our freedom and is class warfare. i just think that's ridiculous mischaracterization of the president. secondly, relative to stimulus, i remember four years ago when
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we had minus 9% growth. i was very fearful that the whole financial system would collapse and i think stimulus later part in pulling this country out of the potential depression. ryan also speaks often about the government and getting to be. but let me tell you, when you're in the midst of a depression on your depression unique government to help some of those people that really need help in losing their jobs and are difficult times. i think government had think government had the role. he want to keep as small as possible but it sort of has a role to help people. lastly i would say once again, i listen very carefully, and representative ryan had no specifics about their own plans which makes no sense to me. no specifics. so if they can get elected on such vagueness, i would be surprised -- i guess i wouldn't be surprised i think, you know, i think people should require them to be a little more specific. >> host: welcome your calls on
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the values voter summit going on all day today. we're also reading your tweets. you can tweet by the way the values voter summit at hash tag vvs 12. is some of what you're saying. katie says we must embrace the values of life, liberty and prosperity. we should do so proudly as christians. honey bear kelly tweets eric cantor talks religious freedom to a group is vice president says jews must be converted. congressman was one of the speakers. he tweeted really enjoyed speaking for the values voter summit. let's rebuild what has been torn down. and mandy for action since i'm a values voter i of the rights for all including women and lgbt, yet i am unwelcome at the values voter summit. again, your tweets welcome at hash tag vvs 12. back to your phone calls. next is low in north carolina calling in on the independent's line. >> caller: hello, america. i have a question. this was something to behold,
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but how pathetic we had all those hecklers out there? what are they up to? all i need to say is, america, vote your values so that americans values will be preserved. thank you so much. >> host: a call on the republican's line from portland, oregon,. >> caller: hi. i'm just going to make a comment. i'm a republican, i really enjoyed his speech except for the fact that i didn't see any muslims at the values voter summit, nor do i see that they are sincere, whatever we redistrict muslims in general i think is very offensive. we should definitely look into an evolving republicans to help with kerry the vote in florida, ohio and virginia, in these type of events.
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>> host: mary calling in on the democrats line from fort washington maryland. >> caller: thank you for taking my call. as usual i've got nothing out of what paul ryan just said because they have nothing to say. the republicans are going to do nothing like they did nothing for four years. they blocked president obama. mitch mcconnell said my main priority is to make sure president obama is a one-term president. that's not creating jobs. the way to get jobs back in this country is to cut all ties with china, as far as the trade. and things like that. what in your closet has been made in america in the last 20 years but absolutely nothing. the republicans are not going to be elected -- is obama's going to win. look at the polls. look up what the republicans have been saying. nothing, nothing, nothing. and then here we've got wars breaking out all over in the middle east.
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it's almost like the end days are coming, so have a nice day. >> host: a quick required to watch and engaged as we bring you live coverage of the three upcoming presidential debates and the vice presidential debate. very quickly, wednesday october 3 from the university of denver, the focus will be domestic policy. the first presidential debate, tuesday october 16, town hall format at hofstra university in new york. the final debate will take place at lynn university in florida and will take on foreign policy. that will be monday october 22. the vice presidential debate will happen thursday october 11, and that will happen at center college in danville, kentucky. all that will be on c-span, c-span radio and up next michael, arizona, independent's line. >> caller: two things. i call question why he's wearing a secret service been on his lapel. second of all he says our rights come from our make up the last time i checked the bill of rights came from an elected official that we collected --
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collectively elected. if he doesn't like the rights then he needs to do that. thank you, goodbye. >> host: bob from omaha, nebraska, republican caller. >> caller: yes. how refreshing and a wonderful this conference was. on the family. i would like to get rid of all the lies about mitt romney come and we need to get a stellar and honest and integrity type of individual back into the presidency, to lead the family, leave the country, and follow the constitution, or we will end up like olivia and egypt -- libya. i know this and say that god bless america. we have a wonderful candidate. let's get behind him. his name is mitt romney. he has these values to restore that which is the jobs that have been lost. he knows how to do it. we just need to get behind them. and i say these things and i
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hope everybody gets out and votes on november 6 and exercises their vote. >> host: onto the democrat callers, and west hartford, connecticut, it's bill. >> caller: hi, this is built from west hartford, connecticut, and i'm at proud liberal progressive democrat as well as an atheist on religious matters. i want to give the liberal and ago to ribs in a nonreligious people, atheists and agnostics on this values voter summit that i just love. i think they should change their name, for example, my first point, to the impose your values voters by legislation summit. we do have a separation of church and state, a lawless separation of church and state which thomas jefferson and james madison were instrumental with when the constitution was written and ratified, i think in 1787, and president, i think is thomas jefferson or james madison had the famous letter
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written to, i think it was tripoli, libya, in 1803 saying the united states government is not at all a christian government based on the christian religion. we are a government of the people, are christians, but we have a wall of separation of church and state, and that was thomas jefferson's own words. and so it scares me. it scares the heck out of me that these republicans especially the christian fundamentalist christian rights republicans would like to change our form of government from a democracy to a conservative christian theocracy and that's why we need to have barack obama and joe biden reelected. because it's terrifying people like paul ryan and mitt romney and michele bachmann, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera. rig perry. these are scary, scary people who change our form of government into the conservative christian theocracy by blasting what to say as an atheist i want to say to that woman on the republican line, us atheists as was agnostics are amplified by
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christians much, much, much more than the church of latter day saints, the mormons are vilified by people like she said, bill clinton and other people. believe me, atheists are the last as well as gays, atheists are specially the last people this country still be vilified and put down and psychologically and physically tortured by right wing christians are in the bill, as an atheist are you enjoying coverage of the values voter summit? >> caller: i'm watching it very skeptically. when they talk about values, like i said, it's a very values they want to impose on the country by legislation. being a liberal as well as an atheist i do not want, i do not want, i do not think the government should impose atheism like was going on in the soviet union. adsm -- my position, atheists just needs a separation between church and state, between church and state. in other words, its freedom of religion, yes, but also freedom
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from religion where the government remains neutral, must remain neutral, not push religion, christianity or islam or judaism for that matter. i'm an atheist and it scares me so much that we are becoming a christian version of what the islamic cultures are doing, like we're -- fundamental christian version of what's going on tournament our final call is stacy in north carolina, from charlotte on the independent's line. >> caller: yes. i want to say, bush was in office 21 when 9/11 happened. day one, and mccain, he wants, he wants syria. and you see what happened on 9/11. all i say is we need to get these things that can work together and become a people, you know? you know, if george washington or any of our founding fathers were to come in and see us today, they would be ashamed of
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everybody in america. because we don't take time to listen to one another. come together and try to understand each other. we want to call each other names, no matter what race, religion, creed, whatever. we need to stop this because other people are looking at us and looking at a sustained way, not militarily but mentally. we need to stop this. we are america. we're sort of people. we say we stand for something but we need to tell people stand for. we stand for unity, don't we? >> host: our coverage of the values voter summit will continue this afternoon starting at two eastern. you here from virginia governor bob mcdonnell, i by congressman steve king, jim jordan from the battleground state of ohio and florida congressman alan west, among others. ..
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[applause] >> wow! let's hear it for bill bennett all right? thank you so much. he did take my joke. when bill bennett has climb ad mountain, the mountain knows it has been climbed. [laughing]
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he and i go back a long ways. i lost my dad when i was a young guy. i went through life with really important mentors. none were more important than that man you just heard from, bill bennett. [applause] thank you so much. i appreciate your support. thank you so much. i appreciate it. >> usa. usa. usa. >> thank you. that he is so kind. thank you so much. appreciate it. >> usa. usa. thank you for your kind hospitality.
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and -- [inaudible] by bill bennett. it is good to be here. it's good to be part of the values voters summit once again, and this time i bring greetings from the next president of the united states, governor mitt romney. [applause] in this election millions of americans count themselves as values voters. i'm a values voter too. in 53 days we have a choice between two very different ideas about our country. how we were meant to live and what we were meant to be. it's the kind of choice that can never be taken for granted. peace, freedom and civilized
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values have enemies in this world as we've been reminded by events in egypt, libya and yemen. we have all seen the images of our flag being burned and our enemis -- embassies under attack by vicious mobs. the worst of it, is a loss of four good men, including our ambassador to libya. they were there for the most peaceful purposes in service to our country and today, our country honors their lives and grieves with their families. [applause] all of us are watching events closely, but we know who america is dealing with in these attacking. they are axe dreamists who operate by violence and intimidation and the least
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evif occasion or signal makes them bolder. look across that region today and what do we see? the slaughter of brave dissidents in syria. mobs storming american embassies an consulates. iran four years closer to gaining a nuclear weapon. israel, our best ally in the region, treated with indifference bordering on contempt by the obama administration. [applause] amid all these threats and dangers what we do not see is staed did i, consistent, american leadership. in the days ahead and in the years ahead, american foreign policy needs moral clarity and firmness of purpose. [applause] only by the confident
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exercise of american influence are evil and violence overcome. that is how we keep problems abroad from becoming crises. that is what keeps the peace and that is what we will have in a romney-ryan administration. [applause] in the all-important election of 2012 values voters are also economic voters. this election will hold the incumbent accountable for his economic failures and affirm the pro-growth agenda of mitt romney. it is true that president obama, he had a lot of problems not of his own making but he also came in with one-party rule and the chance to do everything of his own choosing. the obama economic agenda failed, not because it was stopped but because it was passed.
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[applause] that's a key distinction. [applause] and here's what we got. prolonged joblessness across the country, 23 million americans struggling to find work, family income in decline. 15% of americans living in poverty. the record is so uniformly bad that maybe you've noticed something. president obama himself almost never even uses the word record. that is except when he is trying to trade on the record of bill clinton. in his convention speech the president never said that simple word, record. he didn't say the other word, stimulus, either. because wasted $831 billion
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of borrowed money. at a time of mass unemployment, he didn't even say unemployment. because we're in the slowest recovery since the great depression. and by the way, he didn't even use the word recovery either. never mind that recovery was what all americans expected from barack obama. you see, he wants us to forget all of these things. lately he is trying out a new tactic. it is a classic barack obama straw man. if anyone dares point out the facts of his record, why then they're just being negative and pessimistic the country. the new straw man is people hoping for the decline of america. you know, it is pretty sad but this is the closest president obama can come these days to sounding positive himself. what we have to face up all that has gone wrong these past four years so that the next four years can be better. ladies and gentlemen, we can
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not afford to make economic failure a two-term proposition! [applause] you know lately the president has been also trying out sports comparisons. he compares his fourth year of his term to the fourth quarter of a basketball game. you can expect more of this because if there's one thing that the man can do it is talk a good game. [laughter] only problem is the clock is running out and he still hasn't put any points on the board. [applause] his whole case these days is basically asking us to forget what he promised four years ago and focus instead on his new promises. that's a fast move to get around accountability. he made those ringing promises to get elected.
12:35 pm
without them he wouldn't be president and now he asks as if it is unfair to measure his performance against his own words. but here's the question. if barack obama's promises weren't good then, what good are they now? if we renew the contract we're going to get the same deal. [applause] if we renew the contract, we'll get the same deal, with only one difference, in a second term he will never answer to you again. in so many ways, in so many ways starting with obamacare. reelecting this president would set in motion things that can never be called back. it would be a choice to give up so many other choices when all the mandates of government-run health care come down, the last thing the regulators will want to hear is your opinion. when the obama tax increases
12:36 pm
start coming, nobody in washington will ask whether you can afford them or not. when all the new borrowing brings our national debt to $20 trillion and then 25 trillion, nobody is going to ask you about the debt crisis or even help you prepare for it. but we, the people, need to think ahead. even if our current president will not, in order to avoid the crisis while there is still time. everyone knows that president obama inherited a bad economy and four months from now, when mitt romney is sworn in as president, he will inherit a bad economy. but here's the difference. when a romney-ryan administration takes office we will also take responsibility. [cheers and applause]
12:37 pm
instead of dividing up the wealth, our new president will get america creating wealth again. [applause] we're going to revive free enterprise in this country to get our economy growing faster and to get our people back to work. [applause] on the path that this president has set, by the time my kids are my age, the federal government will be far bigger and more powerful even than it is today. at that point, this land of free men and women will become something it was never intended to be. we were expected to meekly submit to this fate but i've got a different idea and i'm betting that most americans share it. i want my children to make their own choices to defined happiness for themselves and to use the gifts that god gave them and live their lives in freedom!
12:38 pm
[applause] that's the american idea. [applause] you know, you say things like this and our opponents will quickly accuse you of being quote, anti-government. president obama frames the debate this way because here again, it's the only kind of debate he can win, against straw man arguments. no politician is more skilled at striking heroic poses against -- >> usa. usa. usa. usa. >> thank you. >> usa. usa.
12:39 pm
usa. >> in case you didn't hear it, let me say it again. [applause] and we all know this. no politician is more skilled at striking heroic poses against imaginary adversaris. nobody is better at rebuking nonexistent opinions. barack obama does this all the time. and in this campaign we are going to call him on it. [applause] the president is given to lectures on all that we owe to government as if anyone who opposes his reckless expansion of federal power is guilty of ingratitude and rank individualism.
12:40 pm
he treats private enterprise as little more than a revenue source for government. he views government as the redistributor and allocator of opportunity. well, the results are in for that too. here we are, four years of economic stewardship under these self-proclaimed advocates of the poor and what do they have to show for it? more people in poverty and less upward mobility wherever you look! after four years of dividing people up with the bogus rhetoric of class warfare, just about every segment of society is worse off. to see all this played out in any country would be bad enough. to see it becoming the daily experience of life in the united states, is utterly contrary to everything we're entitled to expect. mitt romney knows that this country and all the millions who are waiting for their working lives to begin again
12:41 pm
were made for better things. to borrow the words of another mentor of mine, jack kemp, [applause] i had to do that for dr. bennett. mitt and i understand that no government in history has been able to do for people what they have been able to do for themselves when they were free to follow their hopes and their dreams. [applause] under the current president we are at risk of becoming a poor country because he looks to government as the great benefactor in every life. our opponents even have a new motto. they say quote, government is the only thing that we all belong to. [booing] i don't know about you, but i have never thought of government as something that
12:42 pm
i belong to. as a matter of fact, on the seven occasions i've been sworn in as a member of congress, i have never taken an oath to the government. the oath that all of us take is to support and defend the constitution of the united states under which government is limited and the people are sovereign! [applause] that's what we do. that's who we are. [applause] in the experience of real life the most important things we belong to, they have a very different hold on us.
12:43 pm
i'm a catholic. not because anyone has ordered me to accept a creed but because of the grace and truth revealed in my faith. and that's how we all feel about the faiths we hold. in the same way we americans give ourselves to every kind of good cause. we do this for the simple reason, that our hearts and conscience have called us to work that needs doing, to fill a place that sometimes no one else can fill. it is like that with our families and communities too. the whole life of this nation is carried forward every day by the endless unselfish things people do for one another, without giving it much thought. in books, they call this civil society. in my own experience, i know it as janesville, wisconsin. [applause]
12:44 pm
janesville is a place like 10,000 others where a lot of good happens without government commanding it, directing it or claiming credit for it. that is how life is supposed to work in a free country. [applause] nothing undermines the essential and honorable work of government more than the abuse of government power. in the president's telling government is a big benevolent presence gently guiding our steps at every turn. in reality, when government enters the picture, private institutions are so often brushed aside with suspicion or even contempt. this is what happened to the catholic church and catholic charities this past january when the new mandates of obamacare started coming. never mind your own conscience they were basically told, and from now on, you're going to do things the government's way.
12:45 pm
ladies and gentlemen, you would be hard-pressed to find another group in america that does more to serve the health of women and their babies than the catholic church and catholic charities. [applause] and now, suddenly, we have obamacare bureaucrats presuming to dictate how they're going to do it as governor romney has said, this mandate is not a threat or insult to one religious group. it is a threat and insult to every religious group. and i are honored to stand with you, people of faith and concerned citizens in defense of our religious liberty. and i can assure you, when mitt romney is elected we will get to work on day one to repeal that mandate and
12:46 pm
all of obamacare! [cheers and applause] finally, when he tries to make big government sound reasonable and inclusive, the president likes to say, we're all in this together and here too he has another handy straw man. anyone who questions the wisdom of his policies must be lacking in compassion. who else would question him but those mean people who think that everybody has to go it alone and fend for themselves. we're all in this together. it has a nice ring. for everyone who loves this country it is not only true but obvious. yet how hollow it sound
12:47 pm
coming from a politician who has never once lifted a hand to defend the most helpless and innocent of all human beings, the child waiting to be born. [applause] giving up any further pretense of moderation on this issue and in complete disregard for millions of pro-life democrats, president obama has chosen to pander the most extreme elements of his party. in the clinton years the stated goal was to make abortion safe, legal and rare but that was a different time and a different president. now apparently the
12:48 pm
obama-biden ticket stands for an absolute, unqualified right to abortion at any time, under any circumstance and even at taxpayer expense. [booing] when you get past all of the president's straw men, what we believe is plain to state. these vital questions should be decided not by the caprice of unelected judges but by the conscience of the people in their elected representatives. [applause] and in this good-hearted country we believe in showing compassion for mother and child alike. we don't write anyone off in america especially those without a voice. every child has a place and purpose in this world.
12:49 pm
everyone counts. and in a just society the law should stand on the side of life. [applause] so much of our history has been a constant striving to live up to the ideals of our founding. about rights, and their ultimate source. and our opponents convention a rowdy dispute broke out over the mere mention of that source. i mean for most of us, it was settled long ago, that our rights come from nature and nature's god, not from government. [applause] very clear. that's the american idea. a disregard for rights, a
12:50 pm
growing government and a static economy, a country where everything is free but us, this is where it is all tending. this is where we're being taken by the presented a administration. this is the road we're on. but my friends, that road has an edge just ahead and it is marked tuesday november 6th, 2012. [applause] we can be confident in the rightness of our cause and also in the integrity and readiness of the man who leads it. he is a solid and trustworthy faithful and honorable man. not only a defender of marriage, he offers an example of marriage at its best. not only a fine businessman,
12:51 pm
he is a fine man. worthy of leading our country and ready to lead the great turn around that we have spent four years waiting for. you know, i'm not the only one that who has told mitt maybe he needs to talk more about himself and his life. it wouldn't hurt if voters knew more about the little things that reveal a man's heart and his character. this is a guy who at the height of his successful business turned the entire company into a search-and-rescue operation the moment he heard that a colleague's young daughter was missing. he's a man who could have easily contented himself with giving donations to needy causes, but everyone who knows him well will tell you that mitt has always given himself. he is one of those guys who doesn't just exhort and oversee good works but shows up and does the work. mitt romney is the type we've all run into in our
12:52 pm
own communities. the man who is there right away when there's need but never first in line when praise and credit are being handed out. he's a modest man with a charitable heart, a doer and a promise keeper. he is the kind of person every community could use more of and he will be the kind of president who brings out the best in our country. [applause] when he asked me to join the ticket, i told governor romney, let's get this done. [applause] that's been my message ever since and now i'm asking all of you the same. we know what we are up against. we know how desperate our opponents are to cling to power. but we are ready. and i hope you are too.
12:53 pm
because i know we can do this. whatever your political party let's come together for the sake of our country. put the partisan years behind us and give it every effort we have and let's elect mitt romney the next president of the united states of america. thank you, everybody and god bless you. thank you very much. thank you. [applause] >> thank you. all right. ladies and gentlemen -- >> and we will have more from the values voters summit in just over an hour, 2:00 p.m. eastern with remarking from virginia governor bob mcdonnell, iowa congressman steve king, congressman jim jordan from
12:54 pm
ohio and florida congressman allen west among others. live coverage on c-span2 at 2:00 p.m. eastern. watch and engage as we bring you live coverage of the vice-presidential debate between paul ryan and vice president joe biden october 11th at center college in danville, kentucky. the three presidential debates start wednesday october 3rd at the university of denver focusing on domestic policy. tuesday, october 16th it will be a town hall format at hofstra university, in new york. the final debate at lynne university in florida. as they take on foreign policy. that will be friday, october 22. that will be live coverage on c-span. c-span radio and >> i started by saying let us be cautiously optimistic. something is happening is great. what is great i call in the book and in the title the awakening. the awakening is the awakening of the arab mind and
12:55 pm
intellectual revolution which people understanding yet. it is possible to get rid of dictators. it is possible to change the country. this is irreversible. that can not be changed. this is something which is a legacy, a shift which is very promising for the now and for the future. >> let's look at what the emansz pages proclamation actually says. the proclamation freeze enslaved people in those -- frees enslaved people in those states or parts of states in rebellion on january 1st, 1863. does not free everybody, okay? just those states or parts of states still in rebellion. so there are several parishes in louisiana where
12:56 pm
slavery still exists because the union army does not have control over that area, okay? there are parts of virginia where the union army has a foothold. slavery still exists in those areas. >> president lincoln issued an early version of the emancipation proclamation following the union victory at ant teeth testimony. edna green medford and other historians take your questions on the battle and repercussions of the single bloodiest day of fighting in american history. sunday live from ant teeth testimony -- antitem battlefield on c-span3. >> president obama and secretary of state hillary clinton will be there at 2:15 eastern at andrews airbase in suburban maryland for the return ceremony for the remains of ambassador chris stevens and three other americans killed earlier this week. ambassador stevens and other
12:57 pm
victims were killed during a an attack on the u.s. consulate. they are investigating whether it was a coordinated terrorist attack that took advantage of pretty tests in arab world over a anti-muslim video. earlier today the american enterprise institute hosted a discussion on this week's violent demonstrations in egypt, libya and yemen. panelists forecast similar incidents in the future as these governments are expected to experience lengthy transitions. this is just over an hour. >> good morning everybody. i'm danielle pletka. i'm vice president of foreign policies studies here at the american enterprise institute. i have two good friends i think i can call you good friends, joining me this morning for a discussion of what is going on in libya, what has been going on in egypt and broadly about the middle east and where things are going. we laid this event on very quickly. i'm especially grateful for
12:58 pm
my colleagues joining me and you all here. let me introduce you to the bureau chief of al arabiya here in washington and well-known expert on the issues we're going to be talking about today. brian cotulusa a senior fellow at center for american progress, a think-tank here in washington. we're having a little different format. we're sitting more talk show like and we'll have a conversation and hope to involve you in that after we begin a little bit. but what i'm going to do is turn to my colleagues and just them to talk a little bit what is going on. in the news this morning that demonstrations are continuing throughout the region. we have finally gotten and apology from the president of egypt, although it was long in coming. there have been four arrests made in libya and, and there's also a little bit of a political furor going on
12:59 pm
in our country as there always is in an election year when everything, everything, is political. so, with that short introduction i'm going to ask brian to start us off and just talk a little bit what you see going on and how really it impacts the bigger picture. >> great, thank you, danielle. it is great to be back here at aei. you posted me a couple times and i have to talk to my colleagues about returning the favor. we always had really great exchanges. most recently in tel aviv last year. and it is wonderful for you to be here. you're intellect and your spirit is really wonderful and you help us understand complex region of the world. what i want to do is make three sort of very brief points, truncate what i want to say and we'll really have a conversation here. first i wanted to offer a clinical, sort of strategic overview where the region is right now because i think we get caught up in episodes and which have a tactical reactive crisis management type of debate sometimes. we miss the strategy.
1:00 pm
second, offer a couple points on next steps for the middle east because i think we need to stay engaged as a leader in the middle east. third, a little more in terms of broader strategic challenges in implementing the sorts of things i will suggest. i will try to do it in like two or three minutes but it may run up to five. . .
1:01 pm
so, we are still very early on and we can talk about the different categories of the country because the vast majority have is not seem major change and i think sometimes we leave those to the gulf region. second, i think this transition will go on for a long time because of the deep the demographic and economic political challenges. you look at the generation that's coming to power in this region of the world. if you think this week was difficult, expect more of this for the rest of this decade. we are in for a prolonged challenge here in the middle east. so, i think this change in the middle east will further contribute to this complex competition for power within the region we can talk about this but it's already started before the uprising. the rise of turkey, economically and politically. iran sort of a band down more isolated these days. but quite complicated it's a
1:02 pm
broad lab of cltv to shia versus sunni. amine sort of assessment is my view very early stages of this process. we need to buckle up. more of this is coming. and what to do about this? i think first despite the region in change the u.s. interests remain quite the same, preserving the flow of energy resources out of the region, preventing major wars particularly the cross border conflict on the counter terrorist solutions and the regions, stopping the spread of mass destruction to the coup disruption. we have men and women doing this every day and we need to continue to stay engaged there. given the complexity by a understand no one-size-fits-all approach. i'm not going to apologize for it or things like this by a understand the sort of pragmatic approach that's been adopted over the last two years or so. three things i think we need to do.
1:03 pm
number one, we need to continue our investment in regional security in putting a u.s. footprint based on the touring the strategic threats to the we shouldn't forget this in the turmoil within this part of countries. the u.s. is the indisputable leader in the region. nobody has the will or the capability to do what we can do in the gulf region. china is not granted of it, russia certainly is not granted and we need to adopt that footprint. for those who say we should just retreat, i disagree with them. it's about how we use that power. it's much more targeted and we need to maintain vigilance on the counterterrorism fund and a further underscore this a little bit. but what we have seen is a very aggressive counterterrorism campaign not only in pakistan but yemen and somalia and many other places and again, were the of the debate, controversy all
1:04 pm
in terms of drones and other the things. third, last but not least and i think this is the hardest for americans, we need to invest in other types of u.s. leadership and power. we talk about smart power what we actually need to invest more in that. i got up early and read some of these accounts of ambassador christopher stevens and sean smith and the two navy seals. we get dhaka up in the politics but read about the laws. especially investors stevens and a major source of power and influence helping to sort of figured out the politics of the economics. it is entitled to the islamists who wanted to run an election verses those that wanted to kill us and we need more of that. that's where the real debate is or should be. when i hear the calls from capitol hill about cutting the
1:05 pm
sort of budget for the state department and other things, then the recipe i think for weakness and withdraw leadership we need to have. let me close here. i would open up to conversation. i think implementing this vision were these ideas of what we need to do next is as everything else easier said than done. first of all one of the challenges your way to face as a country no matter who wins this election in november is how we implement the vision that both president obama and potentially president romney talk about the recognition that the geostrategic power davis shifting towards asia and there's not much of a dispute about the countries that we need to focus more on that. but so ravee that lived in the middle east for five years that i focus on, we need to stay engaged as a leader. how do we execute that balance and economically and diplomatically while also attending to the responsibilities in the
1:06 pm
leadership role in that part of the world. that is a difficult challenge. second coming and we will talk about this, how we stay in the game when they win the elections and don't say this sort of things we would like them to do. how do we actually start the use the tools of the power diplomatically and economically and i hope we spend a lot of time working on it and then third we don't want to get too political and open to the questions and discussions with the matters here at home about how we talk about this and my biggest concern again isn't what i call the rhetorical debate about the rhetoric. what i worried about are the policy proposals that we should cut out of this and stop investing in things like this the department or aid to egypt and things like this. we should think about how we calibrate to create incentives and disincentives for the outcomes we would like. but my worry and this isn't
1:07 pm
partisan because it is democrats and republicans alike. people will look at this complex region of the world and throw up their hands and say we can't do anything about this. i am to stand that frustration especially after we've gone into libya and help and you see what happens this week but we need to stick with it. our political dialogue this week , and i somewhat disagree with people that say this is in the time for politics it's in the democracy and it's the time for politics. the question is is it good politics or the sort of political thinking that elevates everyone else is thinking about what the leadership role is. it's largely not been that but hopefully this discussion and other discussions can sort of bring a little because we are better than the the date we have had over the last couple of days about this. >> i'm going to walk back to a couple of things you turn that over to talk a little bit about the region and what's been going
1:08 pm
on. i know you are going to dhaka that egypt as well into the specifics of the issue. but you all can remind me. i do want to talk about aid and rebalancing. for me rebalancing has come to mean retreat. i don't mean military retreat. i mean we are turning our back on the region. we are not paying enough attention especially to the changing countries in the arab spring. the countries that are transforming before our eyes will continue. but first, let's talk a little bit about the region and let's talk the specifics about what we think is coming on to read is this about a 14 minute outrage muslims drawn by this film that i haven't seen?
1:09 pm
and i suspect most of them haven't seen. how do you see it? >> this is not about religion is about politics and in power meant especially on the part of the various islamist groups. let me say a few things in general. i agree i don't want to talk much about the u.s. policy that i agree fully the united states and these crises is the indispensable path, and i would argue today is more indispensable than before. it is true that the people of the region are going to solve these problems and the transition has just begun. it's going to take a long time. i am reminded of closing the
1:10 pm
access sometimes the decades passed and nothing happens and sometimes in the weeks and decades happen. you've seen that in egypt in 18 days and other places but to look it up that statement to see the transition is going to take years and probably decades. we are dealing with countries the way we know at wiped out for many years. the civil society was assaulted by the state and all of the groups you think would be our allies, the liberals and the democrats crashed or neutralized which left the political space for the islamists. what is taking place now in these countries is a huge debate
1:11 pm
and conflict in the various islamist spectrum in the various groups also i have my doubts about that, so the political debate about the government that's going to take place in egypt or tunisia is taking place between those that are essentially reaction in the extreme and the so-called mainstream movement in egypt and tunisia. let me start with a caveat. i don't believe that these various islamist groups can become democrats unless the undergo the transformation. most islamist groups are
1:12 pm
considered in the west as mainstream and have a serious problem and have a problem of minorities. we are going to have a huge problem dealing with that. these are the debates taking place in the arab world. the democrats with a small d and others fear in the case of egypt as being abandoned. if you go to egypt and talk to the students that began the transformation they feel abandoned. available the critique against the administration but especially the muslim brotherhood did not talk to them, ignored them and now there is a full stream of dependents.
1:13 pm
it would be a mistake if we eliminate the use of the arab world, the small businessmen in the united states and europe, the people who believe that it is in their own interest to have a good relationship with the west in general. these people should not be alienated because today the muslim brotherhood dominant in egypt. this is a great mistake. the other thing that is taking place which again feeds into the sense of frustration and marginalization many of these young men exhibit is the fact you don't have leadership in the arab world and look at the game of the states in the middle east what do you see? today you see the marginalized egypt and the marginalization began when mubarak was there and the country has 75 million
1:14 pm
people was developed in medieval times in the last 150 years. egypt today that great policy could not influence the events when mubarak was around. it bothers them a lot. egypt cannot be competed with iran because they believe they're living in the shadow cast of vv tuesday six of the state. if you look at syria they are shaping the future of syria they are not arabs. if we look at iraq they are trying to shape the future of iraq are not arabs with iran and turkey. weakness in the leadership in the world from states like egypt, syria, iraq have been
1:15 pm
marginalized for one reason or another the decision making process is very slow and we have the leadership there. they are following and think they will get involved like the affairs and the middle east. al jazeera is still trying to sort out its bloody civil war met in the 1990's, so we have a sense of malaise and weakness and vulnerability, marginalization. and here comes the islamists who are absolutely excellent at the marginalization on the part of the u.s. in particular. in his political and not religious because the islamists now, the extremists are trying to back up the frenzy of these alienated youth and other
1:16 pm
alienated. he is allowing this to take place to the criticism from the extreme islamists and allowing against the americans so they wouldn't focus on the injustices taking place and unemployment, problems with the minorities, egypt, securities has tremendous problems. hundreds of people die every day, hundreds, sometimes more in the thousands in places like syria, yemen, iraq, somalia, pakistan and afghanistan.
1:17 pm
i didn't see recently somebody calling for quote on quote to object to this muslim violence but now we look at the map today the demonstrations and a member of countries many of them are small and spread by the government as in iran. even today a small group of people are demonstrating the american embassy shouting obama osama. but nobody's calling for the victims who are being killed in these countries. yesterday five yemenis were killed and people should ask who is morally responsible for this. i was appalled when i read the facebook after the storming of
1:18 pm
the embassy in cairo. it's a short statement and it starts by denouncing the so-called movie or video and it's the in sold on islam and it ends by saying i asked to legal action of those and in the middle and i'm not exaggerating. in passing his as we are responsible for the public and private property and putting foreign litigation, no mention of the american embassy. no expression of sorrow, no expression of combination. it wasn't only in sensitive, it was appalling. he acts known as if underground in the opposition as a responsible leader of 75 million people dealing with the nec united states it is crucial to
1:19 pm
read the obama administration the way they supported the uprising and the way they called on mubarak to leave after the demonstration on tiberi 25th of last year and this is the country that stopped the military i remember interviewing mike mahlon, the joint chiefs of staff and during those days he said to me i was in constant contact. he said they were doing the same thing. after the elections there's talk about the military undermining the elections he was on the record several times saying we want them to go back to the barracks and the process to take place. in many ways one could argue he owes his position to the american position yet he was shown this kind of reaction. i think the united states should
1:20 pm
be clear on this issue. i don't want to draw from the middle east that we should focus on the people that we should invest in dhaka society that deserves our support while being very clear on this issue and the seas cannot be stormed. the issue of this is not islam. i hate to see an american official every time in the united states to use their camera or italy want to bring a copy of the -- verney copy of the kuran and get an election about the political system and how much it tolerate religion. this is not the issue. every time we do that, they say we will talk about religion. we are not talking about religion, we are talking about power and people exploiting the atmosphere in the region and the
1:21 pm
people reasonable aren't those intellectuals that create the environment. watch the television against the west is brazen gold incitement. the political leadership is responsible and self-appointed intellectuals are responsible specifically those that are of the self-appointed custodians of the religion of islam most of them are hungry for political power. >> i wanted to this to the question of playing on the religious turf because we haven't talked enough about this. you know, i don't want to put
1:22 pm
you in the position as a foreign correspondent of making recommendations to the american government, but i think of how it's received and how the statements that are made here are perceived are important. so help me. his said when the ostensible reason for the storming of the and this even if we recognize that it is nothing other than a pretext what shall we say when it defames the profit? can we just ignore it? what happens? what is going to send the right message? >> i would expect that the ambassador would say something that's fine. but the secretary of state and the president to be engaged at this level or the so-called pitcher in egypt i think we
1:23 pm
would really lose sight of the issue i would expect the secretary to be careful. i remember when george bush and, you know very well that the bush family has a problem with the english language. would use the word crusade when he meant the word campaign. of course when i translated this i said this is -- he said this is a campaign. some correspondence here and there on purpose are translated as a crusade and the old medieval times which means you have a sword in one hand and a crucifix in the other. when bush used the phrase islamofacism that wasn't very smart because you don't need to dig up fascism and stalinism. it's simple to tell them, look
1:24 pm
them in the eye and say you have more than your fair share without the pressures on. said you expect the president of the united states to be careful, and i think, you know, they are. but we shouldn't allow ourselves to be dragged into a theological argument. it's not the job of the president of the united states to tell me that it is good religion or as long as a good religion. that is not their job. it's really not their job. then you focus on the issue. americans have a problem with the indices'. since 1979 no country in the world has problems like the americans. the embassy in iran to islamabad to building the embassy in libya then in afghanistan the list is long, so we are extremely sensitive of this and ravee should know this whole thing.
1:25 pm
i always think of this i have respect for all and i have a review of the men engaging in politics. but i always wonder whether mohammed tried to fill the book he did. >> i know you want to comment on that and engage a little bit on this question of u.s. policy. let's keep it to egypt although there is a lot to talk about. there's a feeling that we have lost our way a little that there wasn't much support for the space uprising in the region. we can to the question of mubarak a little that, then we
1:26 pm
got dragged to the perception of the white house essentially into libya in the operation that we were not that enthusiastic about and now course we are keeping as far away as possible what is free on and syria despite 20,000 people are dead. there is a sense that for me at least what is being called the pivot point in the world from the middle east to asia has actually been question of turning our back on these countries and sort of running on autopilot. you are right of course that the ambassador of libya was an extraordinary man and i would say very unusual as well but rather than litigate the need for leadership in washington, how do you see this? >> first let me say one thing about religion. it's a very sort of a volatile issue. i.t. first statement of any leader or the head of state in
1:27 pm
egypt and other places where there's violence and law is broken and people are murdered is to focus on job number one which is order and law and order. it's astounding to me. we talked with this the other day about the president's statement there. then his job number one. if you can't perform that job you are going to lack legitimacy the debate about religion and sensitivity we need to keep a point in mind. the extremist views in the region have a symbiotic relationship with the radicals and extremists in our own country and that is what i consider these people. again i spend most of my time reading about the diplomats and we to read today that the people but i'm not as interested because they are not representative of our society but there is a symbiotic relationship and in part it is
1:28 pm
to take us off hour game to make sure there's a strong desire for progress and change and i've lived in many of these countries in trouble there regularly there is a desire among americans i think to continue to support that, and i think we can debate sort of the characterization's of leadership and things like this and how we apply the schools, but essentially we are still the indispensable leader and let's honan a little bit on egypt because it is the most strategic and most important challenge that we have to figure out how to manage the change in egypt. you are correct. he came to power in part because of how this was managed but was also he came to power almost by accident, too. he was known as a spare tire. there were politics inside of egypt that's quite a vibrant and when i was there early this year he was the strongest after the
1:29 pm
parliamentary election in nearly part of this year and before the presidential the strong desire for pluralism and and i would say even democracy at the very basic level. i talk to ordinary egyptians and was seen in the first round of the presidential election the vote was split completely. nobody got more than 20, 25% of the vote in the there's a desire for pluralism and figuring out, you know, a way forward, and i think it's not yet reflected in their constitutional drafting process that. all of these voices and the other candidates that got a significant percentage. are their voices and put it right now in this process? i'm sorry to drift away from the religion question, but i think this is where the centerpiece of the struggle is is how we actually use the tools of the power to make sure we are not just simply doing the same thing that we did under mubarak. the old battle of the decades of the statecraft focused on the single individual or the set of individuals.
1:30 pm
but how do we divers of the portfolio if you will come in and recognize -- and this is great to be hard for any sort of large bureaucracy to do. but we are starting to do that. you see this in terms of the economic support that is being offered, and it's very smart. one of your questions is are we going to cut off aid until they lease restore law? i would support these. but as you know and you work on capitol hill, that switch that cuts everything off that we are doing on the security which the israelis actually support and need for their own security simply flipping the switch is easier said than done, and the biggest challenge the of the political and ideological because we often don't discuss the of the logical but the biggest is the different way of doing business in the middle east but doesn't say this is our guy and they are going to implement our vision.
1:31 pm
it's dealing with a broad range of people who want to build a new society and not thinking about this is our leader west bank but we need a approach to the economies that function because the system is broken. >> i want to translate what you just said to the question which is are we on autopilot and i think the question is too much we are to read one of the things i see -- i work on capitol hill and a lot of unpleasant argument. i worked for a man who didn't support a lot of foreign aid. the problem is in the region the age is viewed as entitlement. when something happens, when there is a fundamental change, we are talking to the american audience, these are tax dollars going to these countries. yes, of course, some of them absolutely imperative. the underpin the kind of law and order we are talking about people get on the other hand,
1:32 pm
lots of them are about society and go through the government and the military and we are right to tie the law and order and law and our volumes to the assistance that we provide the end of leased to be sure that there is a recognition that this is of the check we write every year to as you rightly say our guide to room the pendulum swung this time because that is exactly what we have done. >> we are in agreement in the strategic of objective. it's not about the strategic objectives but it's how you do this. the cash flow financing in egypt for the military assistance this is one of the things you talked to the senior commanders in the military who need partners in dealing with threats like we've seen and israel vows well.
1:33 pm
the money comes a year in advance and this sounds like tactical implementation but it's essential to revise the system and say we are going to use this right now but we are not going to be tied endlessly to the ways of dispersing aid where we can't actually use it as a tool to produce change so i don't think that there is much dispute about the strategic objective. the bigger threat going back as i said earlier it's been no political and policy debate are the voices of others like this who say let's hold back sending the ambassadors were told that certain types of assistance without ostrich rising and i hope there is a president that will leave for national policy do that sort of how to do this as opposed to whether or not we try to use that as a strategy.
1:34 pm
as to the good old that he speaks for many in the republican party. i certainly hope he doesn't. i want to ask more of this comment that you have made about the feeling of abandonment because i think that no matter how you characterize the foreign policy and i know we would give different grades to the vital since the department. you hear this not just among the liberals and the small the democrats. you hit among the people that are fighting for their lives and syria. you hear it in the gulf along the gulf emirates who are desperate and careful about iran not just a nuclear weapons and you hear a lot about the abandonment in the united states. what do you -- how realty the debt is coming into view and that there is an antidote?
1:35 pm
>> we feel that the administration wasn't with iran. of course they were on and happy the way that he dealt with mubarak i just believe that is another issue. in a syria -- today syria is in the civil war. anybody that knows anything about the ethnic, religious mosaic would have told you if a protracted conflict is allowed to continue and jester three things are inevitable which will to all the letters and will spillover. all of these things unfortunately happened and there
1:36 pm
is a responsibility for the united states, the e.u. and the arabs for allowing this to continue and now they are just talking about syria and did not like iraq feeling abandoned by everybody and we have to sort this out. this could have at least the first six months when most of the demonstrations were peaceful and the violence was exercised by one side which is the government. i don't remember with the exception of the air force two bomb in the north i don't remember using the air force to bomb his own capital. for us people that grew up in
1:37 pm
the middle east even in certain cities that have a magical the impact on us. damascus, baghdad, the great cities are being bombed by their own leaders and i think in the early months of the uprising could help the right side or encourage others if you didn't want to do it for the legal reasons that in the end if we talk about the united states being an indispensable power we have lost an opportunity but the entire mediterranean. the other thing that baffled me is the five countries are now syria are important for the united states. few of them are free with iraq
1:38 pm
taking into power the relationship. in the traditional allies of the united states. you'd think the strategic balance of the region if the problems are allowed to fester with lebanon and iraq and even turkey -- turkey is a powerful country very concerned about what's happening in syria so you would think of these factors would push the administration to be more forceful. in terms of supporting or maintaining american interest rate in central asia. >> don't you think what has given in egypt -- >> mabey for the short run but i actually think meeting in the long run is something that will need to be done.
1:39 pm
but i did the big point of the hesitation in terms of what to do next look at this before you leap attitude comes from the lessons learned. we went in without a very clear plan. we have a grand vision some of which support door went on the ground in iraq and other things for the democratic tsunami but the meat found ourselves caught in a little of the sectarian civil war while we were there with 150 or 60,000 troops people being displaced and that mix and sectarian civil run in the middle of baghdad we have troops there. >> i support your instinct going back to the question. >> do you think this time they are not intervening in syria to develop a plan and a vision for
1:40 pm
syria? >> if you look carefully at what is being done in turkey and again we can argue they should be -- there should be more done but it's being done quietly in terms of trying to build the framework of more support. his hearing was lost and i think his political efforts to bring coherence to the syrian opposition is the essential. on of the nonlethal assistance combined with with the gulf countries are doing. i agree that more can be done. what is the action plan and the plan afterwards. that is what was missing when we went into iraq and found ourselves and we can talk about the other tactical tools but the strategic vision of hell you deal with a complicated situation of light from the security standpoint that has chemical weapons right up against the countries to talk about, israel and turkey and i
1:41 pm
am not using these as excuses to say it's complicated that even more complicated as political, how does the country reconstruct self. it's unfortunate that no matter what the policy actions are you see how brutal the regime is and deadly and even if we were to act if the general had a plan of the shelf from somebody i am afraid the brutality that you see we are we to see the numbers go up. we have seen 100,000 people killed in the civil war in algeria and iraq and lebanon and the recent memory and i would hate for that to happen here. again this is going back to the plant started with. >> it has happened. >> it is happening. but again whether the type of intervention people propose to accelerate the violence and that is an analytical question that's a very important question. >> i want to open up to the audience that just pull back to one question that i have because i feared that -- i am sorry. i have two questions i will try
1:42 pm
to make the first one quick. >> [inaudible] [laughter] >> the story in the british press about the forewarning in libya neither wanting to know that there have been terrorist extremists not just islamist but real al qaeda affiliated groups. we also had a four warning from the intelligence of what was happening in cairo. is this a mistake? is that the simplest answer? governments to make mistakes. >> there should be an investigation. i support your question going back to the point i think we need them on the front line working there. mistakes were made as we saw the day the uprisings were this week
1:43 pm
it started to read "the new york times" noted there were a multiple warnings about 9/11 it ignored by the bush administration and not dealt with and that was a figure strategic blunder. there are certain cities that we need to learn from. >> all the same people who said that also said we shouldn't be a resting people in the street, we should be pursuing a terrorist as criminals and the president first called in the fbi to deal with the challenge as if it was a criminal matter >> the question before i turn out to you guys is what have -- what would have been wrong with the president coming to the rose garden and saying i am horrified by what has happened in egypt and obviously horrified by what has been done in libya. the safety and security is my foremost responsibility.
1:44 pm
but i would like to stand here and remind the people of egypt and the president and the prime minister and acting prime minister of libya that american lives were laid on the line for you on the one side, and we supported your efforts on the other side. we stand with countries that stand with the rule of law and you need to understand that you need to do the same for us. thank you very much to the time we'd be looking into this and walk away. rather than the sort of, you know, excuse making about islam. would that have been wrong for the president to do that? >> actions speak louder than words. they are also sending the military. you can disagree the fact there was in the military and you can devotee defect we are sending intelligence professionals were there on the front lines who were not these extremists but maybe we don't talk about that in the letter and also in terms of the discussions with more seats, we are going back to the lessons learned about the american leadership.
1:45 pm
new you see in private conversations with leaders to get the outcomes that you need and what you say publicly two pontificated the yourself feel good about american power? and there is where i disagree fundamentally that i think sometimes hectoring and lecturing publicly in the assumption of your question is somehow much more effective in getting out comes to make americans safe. >> don't you think that what made him apologizes on the president was equivocal about whether egypt was an ally? >> i actually don't know the time line on all of that. the tools of the public and private diplomacy. >> i have been sucking up the microphone, and i'm sorry. please follow the rules and we for the microphone and identify yourself and ask questions. right back here in the front. >> good morning.
1:46 pm
jason epstein. question just following up on what danny just said. would it have been so wrong for the president or someone high ranking in the administration to read least say something on the background to the reporter and question the issue of some of the foreign aid and the reason i ask this i respectfully disagree i don't think linda paul is a lone voice and increasing the especially if the republicans lose in november there will be serious questions. >> i meant to rent holders of isolationists and i don't think the american people are isolationists. he represents many views on a that a lot of people share when they get angry but i don't think that the vast mass of the right and right of center in america is isolationist. that's what i meant. >> it is a great question and
1:47 pm
it's with a private public diplomacy approach more effective than whatever was said on the phone call between moresby and obama. given my concerns about where congress is and we already have the tool in place there isn't much appetite for the love of the spending and the billion dollar debt relief and other things. we have had to the obligations. american aid to egypt. again, i actually think somehow the political system as dysfunctional as it is is already sending that signal, and i tend to believe there are more down slides towards all of that. but we are going back to this issue it's not only towards asia but i think whoever is president, how we invest in our competitiveness there's a strong stand in the politics that cut across lines. it's already out there in the sense this package the we talk
1:48 pm
about we have announced a year or year and a half ago it wasn't so the bureaucracy or the lack of american leadership it was a complex situation in egypt but it's also think a very complicated debate that cuts across both parties on capitol hill about whether or not we are going to spend this. my view is the longer run later in the decade is going down. it's not going to be the 1.5 billion or so. it's likely going to be something much more smaller and i think we should consider it to be a bridge to something that is much more robust and the system of fostering dependency that is dysfunctional and this is where we all agree and if we all put our mind together we can use this downsizing smartly as opposed to abruptly rubbing it off.
1:49 pm
that is an interesting content. i want to make an observation which is that your remarks dhaka but it's important about how we talk about these things and i just want to say that this morning to me is a classic example of how to talk about things, and i appreciate. i will say that danny has been doing this. i want to try a slightly different take on this overall perspective and that is to start with an observation that a french scholar made shortly after the so-called arab spurring.
1:50 pm
the berlin wall in the middle east, and i felt there was a pretty interesting observation about what was happening. the second part of that is what he wasn't saying and what we generally agreed on in the country was what was happening in the least and wasn't induced by or led by america but was something that happened. if you buy that point of view of the arab spring and the awakening was and induced by america. why is it that today as things seem to be falling apart in libya or elsewhere why we think
1:51 pm
there would be a direct function of america not doing enough or not doing the right things. if we were not responsible for the awakening, why should we be responsible for this extension that both you have talked about that is apt to go on for a long time. >> when it comes to the civil war and i did my share of studying in the war because i grew up in the country that had its own civil war most in the last 150 years with the exception of the american civil war drew their neighbors and to them, so that's why it continues like that. angola, lebanon, you name that. while i said earlier this is something that they themselves have to shut out.
1:52 pm
the outside forces can play a role. in spain from 1996 to i-290 by the whole continent tore itself apart on the spanish soil so the outside players have an important role. one reason, and people don't talk about this, it's because of the pressure from the e.u. to read their desire to enter into the e.u. to play by the certain conditions imposed, no political prisoners, no capital punishment , know this or that and they accepted them and they are reaping the benefits. so they have a role.
1:53 pm
they are not we decisive in shaping the future of syria but the united states can influence the march of the city of people with the stage. this is a legitimate debate we should have. i came from a leftist background triet ligon the united states i am arab. new -- mellow. i hear a republican plan about the change in the united states, and i ask them okay, fine. now we don't have a bipolar world and if this world as they dominated by one political culture would you rather that political culture be put into the political culture, china's political culture, india's
1:54 pm
political culture, iran, brazil coming european to defend themselves what they have done when people would be killed because of their ethnic and religious background, they were forced to intervene and in the end they stopped and what did i see headlines in the arab world the aggression against the sovereignty which country you want to be dominant. from the roman empire to the british empire to the american empire and i use that term loosely. in essence the united states is not the clich and i did it is true i want the united states to the political dominance and not russia or iran and i know
1:55 pm
the limit of the europeans so it is a forgotten region that the united states is a factor whether we like it or not to be involved in that region. schenectady want to add anything? >> briefly. the ultimate struggle rests on the struggles of the people in their region for it to have legitimacy and credibility it needs to be battle and it is agreed to be a complicated battle going back to my first point to go on for a while i think the u.s. can play a role if it uses all of the tools of its power in putting diplomatic and political power to move forward. i happen to believe that here we are and this is great. it's fine. in 2012 we are in a stronger position than we were in 2006 in the middle east and was dhaka the civil war when iran was moving forward with its nuclear program when our allies was being attacked by hezbollah and they won the elections in the west bank and the strength.
1:56 pm
is it that we are so much better now with the dozens of al qaeda operatives on the offensive is it better that the region is sort of functional? no. we are the beginning start of a process and we can sort of tactically debate the partisan debate here at home, but i think if we keep focused on the strategy of the bigger issues of how do we actually continue to try to constrain iran and prevent it from getting the nuclear weapon while also building of the powers of the country's that are authoritarian and autocratic if you take one point away of this, it sounds modeled and it is. we should rename it the muzzle east and not the middle east. the people will increasingly have a say in setting their policies. if that is the case. but the u.s. still needs to stay engaged as a leader and the dozens of the military intervention. it means a whole range of tools
1:57 pm
that people like our ambassador in libya were trying to use and i think we need to continue to stay in that game. >> we are running a little bit late. >> i just have a quick question on the final situation. i know it seems kind of -- in terms of backing of these radical groups, for the example, we are -- the united states is in the hard economic condition and self and the announcement for another quantitative easing that devastates the economy it's not in tire but i went to one of the hearings in the senate on the hsbc banks involved in some of the financing of the radical groups in saudi arabia and other
1:58 pm
parts of the world, and my question is given the treasury involves allowing the funding to go to syria to under $50 million for turning the militants and these things taking place hell do you stop this and what do you see -- the united states involvement in terms of actually creating a condition where these things like what happened in libya right now have them. >> do you think glass-steagall would prevent that? >> reenacting is probably a bad idea for us. let me take your questions if i may. yes, it is obviously a lot being done. i think that the bigger question is not so much the banks that are involved in the terrorist financing. although that is an issue for another day.
1:59 pm
but more should our economic straits be dictating the week retreat. if i have to say there was one message that i hear from people like rand paul it's that we cannot afford to be involved in this and so we should stop. >> i disagree. i think the essential question is how you that the resources to meet threats, and we have considerable resources, not just financial but also morally and other things. what i would say to your question, the two sources of power, instruments of power that we've seen a revolution in the last ten years, and i think people get the first one i'm going to say of the special operations command in the military capabilities, particularly since the middle of the last decade its revolutionary with historians take a step back and say the targeted strike and it's not just about bin laden but the rise of the joint special operations command command again we should probably debate this that is one tool of the power
2:00 pm
from almost every day the president has the ability to call on them to deal with the threats. the second one is the one you're talking dhaka of the treasury sanctions when you compare it to the 1990's, serbia and other things, the stools deeply impressed you write about this on iran. deeply impressed with what the officials have done in the private sector, tone the tools to try to siphon off the sources of financial support is it sort of game over? no. it's a work in progress. ..
2:01 pm
in the coming months and years. as a thank you all very much. >> thank you. [applause] [inaudible conversations] >> a live picture from the on the shore hotel this afternoon. we've been bringing along coverage of the family research council values voter summit.
2:02 pm
this evening bob mcdonald, steve king, representative jim jordan of ohio and florida congressman, alan west among others. we will join the conference shortly. our plan for right now is to bring you coverage of the return ceremony for the remains of ambassador chris stevens and other staffers killed during the consulate attacks in libya. president obama will be there along with secretary of state clinton to receive the bodies that have been at two team eastern today. at the conclusion will return to live coverage of the value voter summit here on c-span 2. the bill to watch it when it gets underway on while we wait for the remains ceremony to start come your calls from today's "washington journal." >> host: on your screen is congressman jim trant yuri. before asking a question, we want it so you up on a little bit about him.
2:03 pm
he's finishing his second term and is up for reelection. congressman during goldman sachs and then the university partners nonprofit dedicated to urban poverty solution. at harvard college graduate at oxford university graduate brings all that just financial services committee. works very serves on capital markets in government-sponsored entities subcommittee on oversight and investigations subcommittee. yesterday announcing a very specific change in its direction was qe three, briefly about that one, but as i suggest it's also focused on mortgage-backed security. how do you believe this will help jobs market which the president said is that. >> guest: what you see if this had been more aggressive than it would be if the other lever that
2:04 pm
the government has to improve the economy were being used. of course you refer to fiscal policy, which the congress should be doing. our funding bridges and airports and railways, putting people to do that, financing the 0% real interest rates. additional spending. but i have a semester of college economics you know you've got monetary and fiscal and the republican majority of course uses absolutely no fiscal economic heart of the congress. so here you have the fed taking some extraordinary and new measures to do what they can to restore jobs to the economy. >> host: i'd love to have you give us a brief seminar on how it could work because combined with the operation, the fed is investing $85 billion a month into the economy with the two sets of purchases. let's stay with the announcement yesterday and concentrating on mortgage-backed security committee suggested that it will bring mortgage rates down, but they're already at historic lows. how does that help create jobs?
2:05 pm
>> guest: wellcome i think you see two effects here. one is a commitment on the part of the federal reserve to doing what it can to urge the recovery along. and you saw this the. of course in the stock market. stock market closed yesterday at record high, said that if investors think that a player in washington concerned with restoring economic health. of course your interest in my sandal by the mortgage-backed security. but there's a couple things. one come in the market of course, despite all the political rhetoric here come the primary problem we have in the economy today is consumer demand. the biggest factor in why consumers are nervous right now as tens of millions are worried about whether they'll get that mortgage or about the fact that they're underwater with their mortgage. so the fed says will buy-based paper. the securities of course at the very core of the meltdown that we had our maturing over time.
2:06 pm
the satisfying enough provides a little bit of a four, support and not market and hopefully does exactly what they said it would do which is keep interest rates road that particular market. >> in order to spend $85 billion a month to the fed has to print money? >> guest: remember, they're not spending. they are using their balance sheet. what was seen in the fed's history of course is the fed talents she gets bigger and it gets smaller. now the critics of this approach make two points pier one it may not have the fact and there is a limit to what the fed can do by itself, which again is why the institution they serve has failed to do its role on the fiscal side. but the other risk of course in the critics are right to point this out is inflation. we've seen any inflation in the last four years in which the republicans have said as he left inflation, lots of inflation. we see no inflation. you're mindful that as i'm sure ben bernanke is, but we have not seen any issue there.
2:07 pm
>> host: lets look where he is quite recently encourage congress to do his part in the economy. we'll listen in. >> it's an address as i said, i think our tools are strong enough to offset the effects of major fiscal shock. so we have to think about what to do in that contingency. so i think it's really important for the fiscal policymakers to work together to find a solution for that. >> host: congressmen, yesterday house of representatives is a very broad majority passing a continuing resolution that puts our spending decisions until the spring. but does that suggest about the ability to compromise for the fiscal cliff issue? >> guest: what you saw happen yesterday was a good thing for the country and boy is the bar low these days. if we can keep us on our current trajectory not cause a crisis, we have a little bit of a
2:08 pm
celebration. so what happened yesterday means the government does not shut down. of course was politics. the republican majority in house realizes their own health and the american public is seeing them as obstructionist and consequently the way they said we don't need to do another brinksmanship, neither let shut down the government, which of course has never worked out well for them. they beat up their own conference to get enough votes to pass a continuing resolution. and for showing on top of everything else, were not so with the prospect of a government shutdown. what it says for the prospect of getting their ideas down and you know it and are supportive of the notion we need to do the grand bargain. bring about something that looks to extend symbols i'm not sure tells us a lot. what is very important to success there of course is that iran is dance of the spending cuts that occur in september 31 and the tax increases that come
2:09 pm
with the expiration of bush tax cuts. that is macroeconomic late toxic. it is a doomsday advice. i'm the one thing that will get in the house of representatives and congress as a whole to do the deal that we know needs to be done should have been done six months ago, but will be done to avoid the catastrophe that would be the automatic spending cuts and tax increases. >> host: do at a press release about your voting against, but that is the sequestered to cut legislation. what dgc is the intent of the bill they put forward? >> guest: sure, congress being weaseled to what they by that is what i just said the one thing that's going to cause the congress to arrive at the big deal, the grand bargain, plus or minus, however you characterize the severity and often is that these. you got the automatic tax increase and we go out from
2:10 pm
underneath these a couple weeks ago the house majority said they should make this go away because they're really scared. yesterday what we saw was a defense orientation, so us guys to nondefense. those three hammers over our heads now and of course are comfortable, difficult to talk about is that already said. really damaging to the economy. the congress is doing on its worst moment attempted to do promotions say this stuff is terrible. thus make it go away. yes, let's make it go away, but let's make it go away because we replace them with a fair and balanced big deal to get our country in assisting fiscal path. the nightmare scenario in my mind is again this is really uncomfortable. defense cuts, cuts to doctors, tax increases. let's make them all go away. we make them all go away, which we could've devoted to do so. at some point the bond market says to us come you can no longer govern your country. we see a 200 basis points
2:11 pm
increase in our treasury rate. then we add that negotiation at the point of a metaphorical gun rather than doing it gracefully as we should be. >> host: before we got a call is coming up in critical congress in each of these answers here. in fact, the institution has historically low public approval rating. are you a candidate for reelection? why do i serve in this institution? >> guest: although it at a moment of thymic repolarization come of this is potential to be big and great things. the first thing we need to do was strike a deal. i was one of the 30 people who voted for the sensible's budget winners on the floor. to me by to got bipartisan support. and so it's been a wrestling match over the last two years or so, do we know we need to strike a deal. first to do the responsible thing and secondly and as importantly so we get back to the business of investing in our railways, highways come the system of education that kids are competitive.
2:12 pm
that's an exciting prospect and it doesn't come easy. but i didn't jump into this job for it to be. >> host: mr. himes is on the congressional gas. just only two hours. regular watchers will note that yesterday we congressmen scott garrett from new jersey at the table. let's get the calls for mr. himes. broken arrow, oklahoma. soviet air. your question for the congressmen? >> caller: hi, thank you so much for taking my call. i am here and see when republicans or democrats come to the floor and talk on the c-span show. i am so glad that you have a live call-in show. i have two questions for you. i am so happy that you are with financial services committee as a member. you probably have been doing that for many, many years. the first question i have for you is about mortgage.
2:13 pm
i've never owned my own home. i'm a military mom and i would love to own my own home. i heard something about the stimulus. how would that help me in both these banks that you guys get together and give some money to help the low income on their own first-time homes. the second question i have is what about education? i know that she will have been looking at the chicago vocation, pretending to over 400 some odd thousand teachers, which are striving their fifth day. and what do you propose in this case? this could happen all over the nation. >> host: let me jump in at that point. short time of the congress and this morning. first mortgages and low-income applicants.
2:14 pm
>> host: sylvia identified herself as a military mom. thank you for the sacrifice of your family in fear and anxiety are undoubtedly put up with. thank you for doing that. secondly i mortgages, you know, great questions because the answer is hard-working families that want to run their own home should absolutely have the path to do so. and the last couple of years for when the financial meltdown, that's been very difficult. banks have been reluctant to land. the regulatory structure has been evolving, hopefully improving. i think improving. but we need to be mindful of the fact that the very core of the meltdown had that devastated this economy of course was over doing not very good instincts. in other words, selling families mortgages they couldn't possibly repay, complicated mortgages, mortgage is that folks didn't understand. so this government has always, through fannie mae and freddie mac, particularly on the
2:15 pm
military side, programs that help the down payments and provide further cost mortgages pursue that goal of making sure that our families can own their own home. but we do need to be careful not to re-create mistakes of the past and overdo that. so the key issue. and by the way with today's economy, and maybe number one on the list of things that continue to create uncertainty for people. education also a great question. here in washington you hear people talk about jobs, jobs, jobs is that the government could wave a magic wand and create jobs. the government can hire more nurses, firefighters and policemen. at the end of the day we probably ought to have exactly the right number of firefighters and policemen to keep our communities safe, but the government doesn't create jobs for certainly the private sector does. you know what it does do a quick make sure every kid in this country has the math knowledge, thinking ability, innovative qualities that will allow that kid to be a superb employee in
2:16 pm
someone's company or start their own. and you know what clicks were falling behind. you see at "new york times" and elsewhere about how we're number 17 on math scores and falling behind in high school graduation. if we are having truly honest conversations, we would talk about how we restore the public school system. not just public schools, the community college and universities to the very best in the world and how we make the systems affordable. that's a jobs program. >> host: from twitter comes a c-span junkie is the handle and this person asked the inflation mashers over 2% with interest rates under 1% are loosing buying power. our savings necessary for growth? >> guest: of course this is that a particular problem for senior citizens who rely on dividends, bonds and whatnot. so what you have there is a double-edged sword. on the one hand interest rates are at record lows so they can qualify and get a mortgage at an incredible rate. businesses can borrow at very
2:17 pm
good race, and but of course those who depend on the other side of that on the interest payments are being badly hurt. the good news at the end of the day is my institution, which yes have been critical of this morning for obvious reasons doesn't get to mess around with that. the fed does monetary policy in an independent way. fortunately the efforts of the republican majority to actually audit the fed and therefore insert congress into the role of monetary policy will not succeed i think interest rates in those decisions will continue to be made by people outside the political environment. >> host: on twitter again, obama kilts and symbols. you supported and what do you think led to consideration? >> guest: first of all, you know, the president did not embrace the trend to
2:18 pm
simpson/bowles. paul ryan and his speech accused the president of killing appeared of coasts voted against it on that committee. voting against it, meaning a person able then to come to the floor. you know what is interesting? all of the house members voted against it. all the senators, republican voted for it. tells you something about the difference is the every two years versus every six years. but it did disappointment at the the president did not erase it. i was one of the 38 who voted for it. i was asked on of nine people in congress who voted against every other budget and said this is the answer because my colleagues know that's the answer. the question is how many will say that publicly in a way that gets us to where we need to get the president on board candidates john boehner on board. host our next call from pittsburgh. brian and democrats. >> caller: hi, how are you doing. i want you to recall when obama
2:19 pm
told us to create jobs with solar panels and stuff like that, that ended up telling us all they could make them cheaper. when obama put a chair upon it swayne been made in america. that's the problem we have. free trade with china is killing this country. the free trade with china and we need to get together for all the countries that have social security, stuff like that and put a tariff on third world countries because we can't keep social security. china constantly gets jobs in their countries.
2:20 pm
>> host: >> guest: brand can be raised an issue to people throughout the midwestern manufacturing states and one not. when the stories told of how countries cut themselves out of the great recession of the last five years, one of the headlines nonstory is that china did an industrial stimulus program on our backs. they kept their current see artificially low. as a result they were able to export come subsidize effectively and we weren't able to export them. we do talk about it and factor than those on the floor of the house to effectively punish china for doing this, for stimulating its own economy on the back of our industrial base. i agree with you we should be more aggressive about avoiding that, about policing our trade agreements so that countries are polluting their own environment to their advantage or employing child labor to their advantage.
2:21 pm
but we also shouldn't lose sight of the fact that the american workers, the most productive worker in the world, i think the american worker when a competition with any other worker around the world so long as they are playing on a level playing field. if this is a california and elsewhere and we can win by exporting to china so long as the rules are fair and the playing field is level. >> host: another tweet from jean and ohio. no raising social security age of medicare age until you start jailing those doing $60 million a year in medicare fraud. >> guest: bum luck, the consequences of going off the cliff and it's not a january 2nd thing. economists will tell you first of all you should've gotten a ton done a year ago. he shouldn't have to deal with that in the land that, but the consequence of going out the cliff are hundreds of thousands of lost jobs. i understand why people are
2:22 pm
angry and i understand why to use that language. but we're talking about the likelihood of potentially millions of americans. so now, we don't want to play that game, certainly not in the pursuit of retribution to other people. i agree there's folks walking around who have a tremendous amount of blame for what happens in the economic meltdown who had not been prosecuted. but now, the answer is to do something we all know needs to be done. members of congress when they're behind closed doors and cameras are a unique republicans who say the population is aging, health care is rising with the new revenue. a lot of them say if we don't reform medicare and a fair way that it will be there for 30 years. the question is how do you get to see what i say that in public in a way that is a movement going so we strike that fair and balanced. if we could get that deal done and who knows, lame-duck, first quarter next year if we can get the deal done, the business community and the capital markets think something they
2:23 pm
haven't thought for several years now, which is the united states can govern it self in a responsible way. back in and of itself would be a significant stimulus to this economy. i am hopeful and optimistic about what can happen if we get that deal done. >> host: next is a call from brownstown michigan. james is watching us. hi, james. >> caller: good morning. i am an independent and i look at this as nothing more than a backdoor bail out for the banks. he astarte stated these funds were made and can't be paid back so well by temperament tanks. just add, i don't understand what the big deal is with china. we of the federal reserve more money than china and hopefully the senate will vote to audit the fed so they can actually see where our money goes. am i mistaken or is that pretty much was going to happen? >> guest: you know, i mentioned the audit before this
2:24 pm
and i understand this is the source of a lot of concern for americans. years of people worry about. if it turns out the federal reserve had these powers were not aware of back four years ago or three years ago when the economy was on the brink of tipping into a new depression and it was very aggressive and people say that's a lot of power. we didn't know they had it. you have to look at results here. the federal reserve did an internal study. a federal reserve study of course, so it's not a political body. but the federal reserve said its activities account for the creation or saving of roughly 2 million jobs. it is not something you ignore. and secondly, i feel very adamantly about this. first of all, the fed is audited and is accountable in every way except for in the conduct of monetary policy or the setting of interest rates. and i said this before. the last thing the american public wants or the u.s. economy needs is frankly guys like me
2:25 pm
and my colleagues messing around with interest rates. guess it's going to happen? six months before every election, interest rates will be forced down by a political instinct and now we're in an inflationary environment for no good reason. so the fed retain absolute claim an independent monetary policy to set interest rates is a cornerstone of stability in our economy. by all means come on in every aspect of the fed, they do not eject tender mercies of the u.s. congress and its politics into monetary policy. >> host: next is from cliff hill, tennessee. tony is watching us are republican. >> caller: good morning, thank you for taking my call. mr. himes, would like if you could answer my question without running a timeout on your rent. one, the democrats have to complete years without any intrusion of republican or very
2:26 pm
little to take a budget and do whatever they wanted to do with it. and they have yet to this day to do anything with the budget. can you explain to me exactly why without spinning my question? >> guest: sure, it's been years since the congress would produce a budget. neither party wants to come forward and show the real numbers and say here's our budget. it's got a $1.3 trillion deficit. believe me that's not a pure democrat. >> would leave the "washington journal" segment for the coverage of the return ceremony for diplomatic staff who were killed during the conflict attacks in libya. live picture from andrews air force base in maryland. president obama joined by secretary of state clinton and vice president joe biden to receive the bodies.
2:27 pm
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>> let us pause for a moment of silence. [silence] >> let us pray. gracious god, on behalf of a grateful nation and in the presence of grieving family members, friends and colleagues, we welcome home for the final time, ambassador chris stevens, mr. sean smith, mr. glenn dougherty and mr. tyrone woods. we keep the banks for the lives and the selfless service of these men who wanted nothing more than to make a difference in the lives of other people, to
2:35 pm
bring justice and freedom to others, who possessed in their hearts that only character and resolve, but courage and good will. we mourn their loss. bless the memory said these men through those who knew and loved them, especially their families for home we ask your comfort, your divine care in your piece and this difficult time. on this occasion, we continue to pray for our nation and its leaders. we ask your blessing on all who served, military and civilian. we pray for a nation of people. we pray for the defeat of terror and evil as that seems to plague our planet. we pray earnestly for peace. and now creator of all, let light perpetual sign up on chris, sean, land and tyrone. may their souls and the souls of
2:36 pm
all the departed, through your eternal word rest in peace, amen. you may be seated. ladies and gentlemen, it's my honor to present to you the secretary of state, the honorable hillary rodham clinton. >> thank you very much, chaplain, mr. president, mr. vice president, secretary panetta, ambassador reiss, secretary powell and mrs. powell, family members of the four patriots and heroes we bring home, members said the state department, ladies and
2:37 pm
gentlemen, today we bring home for americans who gave their lives for our country and our values. to the families of our fallen colleagues, i offer our most heartfelt condolences and deepest gratitude. sean smith joined the state department after six years in the air force. he was respected as an expert on politics by pretoria, baghdad, montréal and the hague. he enrolled in correspondence courses that kind state and had high hopes for the future. sean leaves behind a loving wife, heather, two young
2:38 pm
children, cement and nathan and scores of grieving family, friends and colleagues. and that's just in this world because online, in the virtual world that sean helped create is also being mourned by countless competitors, collaborators and gamers who shared his passion. tyrone woods, known to most as round spent two decades as a navy seal, serving multiple tours in iraq and afghanistan. since 2010, he protected american diplomatic personnel in dangerous posts from central america to the middle east.
2:39 pm
he had the hands of a healer as well as the arms of a warrior, earning distinction is a registered nurse and certified paramedic. our hearts go out to tyrone's wife, dorothy and his three sons, tyrone junior, hunter and kai, born just a few months ago, along with his grieving family, friends and colleagues. glen doherty who went to a bug's was also a former seal and experienced paramedic. he too died as he lived, serving his country and protect dean has colleagues. when deployed to some of the most dangerous places on earth, including iraq and afghanistan,
2:40 pm
always putting his life on the line to safeguard other americans. our thoughts and prayers are with one's father, bernard, his mother barbara, his brother gregory, sister kathleen and their grieving families, friends and colleagues. i was honored to know ambassador chris stevens. i want to thank his parents and siblings who are here today for sharing chris with us and with our country. what a wonderful gift you gave us. over his distinguished career in the foreign service, chris one friends for the united states in far-flung places. he made those peoples hopes his own. during the revolution in libya,
2:41 pm
he raced his life to help protect the libyan people from a tyrant and he gave his life, helping them build a better country. people love to work with chris. and as he rose through the ranks, they loved to work for christ. he was known not only for his courage, but for a smile, goofy but contagious. for a sense of time and that california cool. in the days since the attack, so many libyans, including the ambassador from libya to the united states who is with us today have expressed their sorrow and solidarity. one young woman, her head covered and haunted the sadness held up a hand written sign that said, thugs and killers don't
2:42 pm
represent in god the, nor islam. the president of the palestinian authority who worked closely with chris when he served in jerusalem sent me a letter of remembering his energy and integrity and deploring, and i quote, and acts of ugly terror. many others from across the middle east and north africa have offered similar sentiments. this has been a difficult week for the state department and for her country. we've seen that heavy assault on our post in benghazi that took the lives of those brave men. we've seen rage and violence directed at american embassies over an awful internet video that we have nothing to do with. it is hard for the american
2:43 pm
people to make sense of that because it is senseless and it is totally unacceptable. the people of egypt, libya, yemen and tunisia did not trade the tyranny of the tape trader for the tyranny of a mob. reasonable people and responsible leaders in these countries need to do everything they can to restore security and hold accountable those behind these violent acts. and we will, under the president's leadership, keep taking steps to protect our personnel around the world. there will be more difficult days ahead, but it is important that we don't lose sight of the fundamental facts that america
2:44 pm
must keep leading the world. we owe it to those four men to continue the long, hard work of diplomacy. i am enormously proud of the men and women of the state department. i am proud of all those across our government, civilian and military alike, who represent america abroad. they help make the united states the greatest force for peace, progress and human dignity the world has ever known. if the last few days teaches anything, let it be this, that this work and the men and women who risk their lives to do it are at the heart of what makes america a great and good. so we will wipe away our tears,
2:45 pm
stiff and our spines and face the future undaunted. and we will do it together. protecting and helping one another, just like sean, tyrone, clan and chris always did. may god bless them and grant their families peace and solace. and may god continue to bless the united states of america. and now, but they have the great honor of introducing someone who came to the state department earlier this week to grieve with us. he well understands and values the work that these men were
2:46 pm
doing for our country. the president of the united states. >> scripture teaches us greater love hath no man than this. a man lay down his life for his friends. glen doherty never shied from adventure. he believed that in his life he could make a difference, a calling he fulfilled as a navy seal. he served with distinction in iraq and worked in afghanistan. and in benghazi he tended to others he laid down his life
2:47 pm
where he was as always, protecting his friends. today, clan in his home. tyrone woods devoted 20 years of his life to the seals. the quiet professional. they might not have known, but one served in iraq and afghanistan. they're in benghazi it was far from doherty, tyrone junior, hunter and little kai and he laid down his life as he would have for them, protect them his friends. and today. sean smith it seems what to serve, first in the air force, then with the state department.
2:48 pm
through the perils of this calling was in baghdad and they're in benghazi, far from home he thought it had there, samantha anything and he played down his life in service to us all. today, sean is home. chris stevens is everything america could want is the whole country has come to see. your first into the region as a young man in the peace corps during the revolution. he arrived in libya on a cargo ship and how he believed in libya and its people and how they loved him back. they are and god save he laid down his life for his friends. libyan and american, for us all. today, chris is home.
2:49 pm
for americans, for petrie at, they loved this country and they chose to serve it and serve it well. they had a mission. they believe in that. they knew the danger and they accepted it. they didn't simply embrace the american ideal, they lived it. they embodied it. the courage, the hope and nasty idealism. that fundamental american belief that we can leave this world a little better than before. that's who they were and that's who we are. if we want to truly honor their memory, it is who we must always
2:50 pm
eat. i know that this awful loss, terrible images of recent days, pictures seen again today cause some to question this war. there is no doubt these are difficult days. as moments such as this, so much anger, violence, even the most hopeful among us must wonder. amid all the images of this week, i also think of the libyans who took to the streets with homemade signs expressing their gratitude to an american who believed in what we could achieve together. i think of the man in benghazi but this time in english, a message he wanted all of us to hear. they said chris stevens was a friend to all libyan peered chris stevens was a friend.
2:51 pm
that is the message these for petrie is send. it's the message that each of you sense every day. civilians, military, to people in every corner of the world. america is a friend and we care not just about our own country, not just about our own interest, but about tears, that even as voices of suspicion, mistrust speak to the countries and cultures, the united states of america will never retreat from the world. we will never stop working for the dignity and freedom that every person deserves, whatever their creed, whatever their faith. that's the essence of american leadership. that's the spirit that sets us apart from other nations. this was work in benghazi. this is the work we will carry
2:52 pm
on. see you, their families and colleagues, to all americans, know this, their sacrifice will never be forgotten. we will bring to justice those who took them from us. we will stand fast against the violence on a diplomatic mission. we will continue to do everything in our power to protect americans serving overseas, whether that means increasing security, working with host countries, which is an obligation to provide security, making it clear that justice will calm to those who harm americans. most of all, in our grief we will be resolute. but we are americans who hold our head high, knowing that it's
2:53 pm
because of you this country that we love will always shine as a light unto the world. greater love hath no man than this. the man lay down his life. the flag base are under now carries them home. may god bless the memory of these men who laid down their lives for us all. may god watch over families and all who love him. may god bless these united states of america. >> for our benediction, we will stand together for the national
2:54 pm
anthem as we render honor to the nation that these men loved and to which they died. ♪ ♪
2:55 pm
♪ ♪ ♪ >> let us pray.
2:56 pm
almighty god, creator of us all and lover of the human race, we commend to you our brothers, chris and sean and land and tyrone, into your wistful hints received them, deliver them from all fear, string containing a president and give them your peace, amen. ♪
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from here their bodies will be transferred to the dover air force base in delaware over the next 55 days i think we are going to have a restoration of the american dream coming and i will come back in november to thank you for doing it. god bless you. thank you very much. >> live picture from the summit at the research council wrapping up right now. virginia governor bob macdonald. we will also hear from iowa congressman steve king, representative jim jordan and congressman alan west among others. >> i see the values today. several of you. great. well, we are going to talk that that now because it is a fascinating phenomenon over the last year. your money, your values. right here last october at the summit. many of you may have seen it
3:03 pm
earlier today. you can also see it tomorrow from noon until two, and in fact there will be a news conference at 12:45 also featuring senator santorum at the values talking about the alleged war on women so you definitely want to be getting information about that. in a moment you are going to hear from whom we have referred to as the film and louise. sees a special lady with countless miles register new voters, supporting the conservative candidates and speaking out against the policies of this administration. but first we would like you to take a look at the monitors for a year in review on the values bust. let's watch together. >> not only do 92% of americans say the economy is in bad shape now, 38% think it is getting worse, not better.
3:04 pm
islamic the biggest problems are social security and medicare as baby boomers retire the nation faces tens of trillions of benefits the government cannot pay for. a close look shows the bill is jam packed with lawmakers. >> it's a matter of teaching and faith but we can't accept this and you can't ask us to choose between adherence to an unconstitutional and illegal wally and our obedience to god. >> history made in washington tonight as the biggest hurdle for gay marriage is passed. islamic george w. bush vomited for research on the ground that using embryos was morally wrong and should not be funded by the government read in a sharp reversal from the premises are barack obama is clearing the way for federal funding of embryonic stem cell research.
3:05 pm
♪ >> there are about 60 million christians who are eligible to vote, but people would be shocked to know that about half of them are not registered and are not voting. and so by going to church, too conservative colleges with our values, partnering with the heritage foundation, we hope to take this message. your money, your values, your vote. all across the country in the key states where the elections could be decided by a handful of votes. >> how we get the government back under control and what is appropriate spending that is where the fundamental ideas come into play and where our plan of
3:06 pm
saving the american dream comes into play that is where we are so excited and enthusiastic about telling the american people what is in that frame and having them tell their congress what it is all about. >> we are simply giving a vehicle so to speak for people to express themselves to get involved in the process. register these like-minded voters to vote and then turn them out so we can make a difference and save the american dream. if we combine what we do what the economic site for the research council on the social side and we put them together, we find out that they are indivisible. you can't have a good economy if you don't have a solid social framework undergirding it and if you have a solid social framework you have to have of ford economic mobility. so they go hand in hand. that is why it's exciting to be
3:07 pm
able to partner with tony perkins to be able to do this all over the country. >> ladies and gentlemen, please welcome the president of frc action, connie mackey and vice president of marketing, genevieve wood. [applause] >> greetings, folks. i hope we are having a good time. are we ready to do everything you can in the next 58, is it 58 days? 55 days. time does pass. well, tony perkins and i and the staff of the family research
3:08 pm
council decided last year at this event and actually a little bit before that we needed to do everything that we could to change the change if you will. so what was that? what could we do beyond what we were doing? as you all know, the political action committee is the family research council works very hard to bring 86 new members to the house of representatives last time in 2010. they are giving a great job. so we need the senate and we need the white house. [applause] and so, we talk to our friends at the heritage foundation and of course they are well known for their policy pieces on the economy, taxation, and we of course are working on the culture, and we worry about the status of distinctively of life -- cindy of life and marriage between one man and one woman. and we were very concerned about the challenges to the religious liberty. and we have seen a lot of that in the last years.
3:09 pm
so, what can we do? besides our work in bringing the group leaders to washington. we try and so have you have already heard this and some of you might have seen this in the states that we have been in we've talked about how it came together and one of the reasons tony said let's do this it's called a bedbugs i have come to know. it can be a little raunchy out there at times. but we have this bus tour in the state of the vote for people in iowa took on whether they wanted marriage to stay between one man and one woman and it became 70% to the ki marriage between one man and one woman. the judges said these people read their bibles and carry guns
3:10 pm
we decided at that point to take a bus and go to iowa and we plastered their pictures alongside the bus. [applause] we took a few good friends, congressman louis gilmer to was exhibit s.a.. he was a fitting judge. he knew that he shouldn't legislate from the bench. and so, he stepped down and ran for office and he now legislates here in washington and i thought that's fine. he's on the hill. he came to iowa on that bus tour and the congressman steve kaine another very good friend. [applause] we also had senator rick santorum and some other star
3:11 pm
power and because of all of them being with us on that tour we were able to garner 250 media hits. by the end of the term when we left, and i should mention they were with us and partners with us by the time we left that state, those three judges were gone. [applause] the good news and maybe the bad news, we need to get out there and take family research out and heritage foundation to get out of d.c., domi to the people and start pushing for everyone even those are registered to help them find other people and make sure they get to the polls. never has there been a more important election in the city or the country than it is now.
3:12 pm
clearly there is one thing that president obama and i agree on and that is the this country would be a very different place after november 6th. how that difference is going to register i don't want to think about it if it goes one way and we have hope of actually allowing the free market principles to allow the culture to get back to some normal status and we have told that we can work hard and change things back if it goes the other way. so we went out on the road and we have been in 26, 27 states so far and the family research council was part of the project to partner with an organization that had actually set up a database where you put your zip code and you can look people that didn't run and were identified as christians and
3:13 pm
conservatives and didn't vote in 2008 and you can contact them. it's called and you can go to this day and look at it and our friends in holland michigan and the other office broadened out the program so that we would reach two under 50,000 people so far. we will begin until november that our champions in helping us to do all that we can do november 6 to make this change possible. i should say that you don't just do a bus tour you have to get the bus and get the staff, then we look at each other and say who is going to stay on this bus for your? i don't know if he's in the audience but we did hire chris walsh, a gentleman from michigan
3:14 pm
he's worked with the citizens out there to get them to sign up at the values voter and he's done a marvelous job out there and home-based back here but kathy flavin had to come on board and she is the coordinator of each of those. every place we go is an event that has to be coordinated the just like any event. so cathie flavin, and then that's all i can say. [applause] and genevieve will talk briefly about the heritage foundation project which is something that we are sort of looking at getting november 6th done to the way we get done and we are taking back the senate and they have a legislation which genevieve will talk about ready
3:15 pm
to go and we have the members on the hill ready to launch this is the american dream that heritage is sponsoring and has written. i would basically conclude by saying that each of you i know because you are here and you are already with us and going to do everything you can but do go to the web site and see what part you might join with us in doing in time for the election. at the family research council we have had some very trying times standing up for the traditional marriage. we need your help, and we've got to take those seats back in missouri and indiana and virginia and somebody out here.
3:16 pm
it's been back i think three or four times and we will be back there again. there is an awful lot to be done. we are counting on you to do it. you go on that website and our team and hollen will be working with you to identify the voters that really need to turn out this time that didn't turn out. the figure we have been using is the 60 million christians in the united states, 30 million didn't vote. so that's why tony said get on the bus. we are going to do this. and i appreciate your time coming and i hope we see you out there when we call into one of the states that we are scheduled to be in. god bless you all and thank you. [applause] >> well, good afternoon everyone. it is great to be back at the
3:17 pm
values of voters summit and it's great to be on the bus for the past nine to ten months, as my good friend connie mack -- mackey. i've been working for the heritage foundation. being on the road and meeting members from the organizations and representing the great groups has been a privilege and i do want to say it has been such an encouragement to those of us that black heritage and frc to meet folks all over the country the whole of the values and champion the values that everybody in this room does. i want you to know they are all there. you are kind of lost in the battle you forget or wonder of people love their really paying attention? you watch your tv and see all that is going on and think is anybody else is scared and nervous about the country as i
3:18 pm
am? yes they are in places like colorado and florida and pennsylvania and michigan and so many of the places that we have been, so you should be encouraged by that. i know you are seeing a lot of polls and things are up and down and the media saying maybe it's not as close as we can think. ladies and gentlemen, do not believe it. do not believe it. i'm telling you the media wants you to get discouraged and think that this election is already a good deal. it's nowhere near it. and i will tell you i've never been nowhere near as encouraged as i am seeing what i have seen on the road. i've never been that encouraged. [applause] we shouldn't get a false optimism or say we can go home. it's everybody in this room goes back to their communities and does everything they can do and all the people that we have met along the way of doing the same thing. you are going to see very good
3:19 pm
things on november 6th. one reason is because people are sincere about the future of the country. while fear isn't something that we want to encourage, it is a great motivator. when you talk to the people they're very fearful but the kind of country that we are going to leave our children and grandchildren. when they worry about the debt, absolutely. one of the reasons we team up on the tour is the we believe it is a principal of the organization represents our debate to are indivisible. you are not going to have a strong economy if you don't have a strong family undergirding it. that is the foundation of the country. it's difficult to have a strong family and stand up for your family and take care of your family if your crashed in debt and taxes. we think all this goes together and we also believe the debt we have been piling of -- some of
3:20 pm
you i know were here last year, a lot of you because it always brings back a lot of good voters to read you heard us talking about something called save the american dream which is a plan heritage put together to take on the debt and spending and get the type country turned back towards prosperity. when we talked last year we were under $15 trillion in debt. you know what happened this past week. we went over 16 trillion. i'm going to tell you how that breaks down. every man, woman and child in this country of working age 65 and under -- anybody 65 and younger? weld congratulations to $0,200,000 today based on the promises the government has made, not based on the promises that barack obama made in a speech last week or the promise he will make this week trying to up the congress, that is as of
3:21 pm
today the promise our government has made the future generations. ladies and gentlemen, promises they cannot keep. and we all know that three we know it is not sustainable. but you know what, we have to know it is immoral that we would pass that kind of debt on to the next generation. absolutely wrong. [applause] here's the good news, we can do something about it. as connie mengin we've been working the past year not only to the ideas together but working with members of congress to say we want to see these ideas introduced into real policy and legislation on the hill, not because we think anything else could is probably going to have been -- actually made the it is a good thing nothing will happen between now and the rest of the year in 2000 on the hill. but the fact is senator of utah, a great senator introduced about three months ago now back in may
3:22 pm
the saving the american dream budget act and you can read about on the web site and on his website, but as i said, he's introduced not thinking it's going to go very far this year but laying the groundwork for what good things can happen from january and february and march of this year when we get a new conference and conservatives in washington. november 6th is extremely important but i would also say it's can't stop november 6th. how many in the past said we are going to do great things when they got to d.c. where the state house and it didn't quite happen? ladies and gentlemen, we are against it as a country. listen. both parties have been guilty. let's be clear. president obama put the pedal to the metal last three years when it comes to spending for the republicans and democrats are loath to blame for where we are today in terms of the trajectory
3:23 pm
of spending. we, are there. [applause] the good news is we have some folks the will do the right thing if they get elected but they will only do it to have the courage to do it if they hear from you. that is the only way that it's going to happen so i want to share a couple things with you to shoot the problem is and hopefully encourage you when they get elected. let me bring up the first slide. you'll see something on the screen? see that big orange balloon? i talked to my friends on the right and we talk about spending but if we get rid of the department of education, if we get rid of the corporation for public broadcasting we can fix things and there's a lot of good reasons to do those things beyond the spending factor. they say we have to get out of the war and stop giving so much money to the military. ladies and gentlemen, we can do all of those things and would not fix our spending problem.
3:24 pm
you can see that in this charge right here. the problem -- the big elephant in the speak to the coat room is entitlement and politicians are blow to touch it and talk about it because they don't think the voters will then re-elect them. we need politicians and lawmakers more concerned about the next generation than they are the next election. [applause] the saving american dream we talk about how do you take on the in thailand and reformat? you have to start first of all by reviewing obamacare first and foremost. [applause] you have to have serious tax reform, absolutely serious tax reform in the country and cut government spending. if you enact the saving the american dream plan we would cut the size of the federal government in half over the next 20 years.
3:25 pm
[applause] i think you all know why that is so important. we could balance the budget tomorrow. but if we don't get the government backed to its constitutional role as it continues to do what it was never created to do it will continue to spend money that it doesn't have to read as we've got to get back to the government saving the american dream to do that. let me put up another slide. the governor mentioned greece earlier. peoples of america could -- it could never happen to america what happened in greece. really? we are on our way. we have got to turn that around. as i mentioned the only way that will happen is if you elect people november 6 and hold them accountable when they get to d.c.. we are going to have someone else introducing it in the house, but i want to encourage you all to take information
3:26 pm
about saving the american dream before you leave today, before you leave tomorrow when you go out the back door and the exhibit rooms the heritage cable was there and we have passed this information to talk up a plan and talk about the specifics and they have a packet of five. see this cute little girl? everybody knows somebody like this in the light for neighborhood. there is a packaged in the bag you can use to pass out to families, friends, folks at church, people that are not going to read a 50 page budget but they will read something like this? and will help them understand this is what you're up against if you have people you can give these to take extras. these ideas are not popular in washington so if you want to take extra we don't need them here we need them out there. that's why we have done the bus tour and i would encourage you to take more of these and when you do, the pledge card to save
3:27 pm
the american dream. when we walked into the member's office and they know that we have been talking to the folks outside of washington they just pay a little bit closer attention. i want to do the same thing that connie did for the heritage foundation. standing back there laura on the stuff and john shepard and carroll warren, it's fun to be on the road. don't get me wrong but there's been a lot of super eight motels from time to time. they've been dedicated in making sure that we are meeting folks on the road getting these materials are to thanks to the staff for doing that and take them as a rock star. he is amazing. ladies and gentlemen, thank you. for those of you that donate and
3:28 pm
have given money, you've made this effort possible. when you see things happen, thank you for what you have done to make this happen. and we look forward to saving the american dream with all of you. [applause] >> , not to introduce the next speaker please welcome the founder and president of this in america, dr. rick scarborough. ♪ we have the chance to submit a true american story it is my privilege to introduce to you the son of a cuban immigrant who
3:29 pm
fled to the united states after being imprisoned and tortured. he ultimately credited from the university of texas and became an american citizen. he served texas as our solicitor general from 2003 to 2008 and he won the adoration of all operating over the u.s. supreme court briefs and presented all arguments, 40 different times mine before the u.s. supreme court as well. upholding the texas death penalty and refuting the united nations to bring the case. as a child he earned a scholarship money by reciting the constitution. isn't that refreshing? we have a center that can recite the constitution. he resided making speeches and advocating free markets. he went on and won the national debate championships while a student at princeton. at harvard law school he was an editor of the wall review and
3:30 pm
the founding editor of the latino review. when he announced his candidacy in texas have for having run for publ office before, very few people gave him any chance. some longer-term politicos several tea parties including the tea party expressed. he endorsed his candidacy and in a hard fault runoff against the lieutenant governor ted cruce one. it's my privilege to present to you and then grounded by the safe principles a true champion of freedom the next senator from the great lone star state of texas mr. ted cruce.
3:31 pm
give him a wonderful hand. [applause] ♪ god bless you all. what a tremendous patriot and voice for christian values after rick scarborough. [applause] the last year-and-a-half we have travelled quite a journey. when we started this campaign in texas for u.s. senate a year-and-a-half ago i was at 2% in the polls and the margin of error was 3%.
3:32 pm
[laughter] which if my statistics service means technically i could have been at - 1%. we ended up seeing a primary where $50 million was spent. the most extensive primary in the country. you have not lived until you've had 35 million of attack ads run against you. they said goodness gracious i didn't realize you were such a rotten guy. [laughter] nobody in the state gave us a prayer, of a something extraordinary happened. we saw the conservatives unite to be across texas and all across this country. we saw thousands and thousands of republican tea party leaders
3:33 pm
and grassroots activists come together and we didn't win the race. we have the 14 points. ' that is a tribute to each and every one of you. it was a testament to the power of the grassroots conservatives. that is all the elections are supposed to be decided. it's not supposed to be a dozen guys in a smoky room picking who is going to be the next candidate. it's supposed to come down to the people. this election isn't your typical. the stakes have never been higher and 2012. i want to talk about four different threats our country sees right now.
3:34 pm
number one, our economic security is threatened like never before. federal government spending is out of control. our national debt is within the gross domestic product. a couple weeks ago i had the honor of speaking in tampa at the republican convention, and i talked about the crushing debt and i talked about my 4-year-old daughter. when i got back to my hotel room about 1:30 in the morning and i pulled off my iphone and was reading through twitter and the comedian paula had actually sent out a tweet. it said ted just said when his daughter was born the national debt was $10 trillion. now it is $16 trillion. what the heck did she do? [laughter]
3:35 pm
i've got to tell you we had a pretty good laugh at that. but it underscores the massive game changing shifts that have happened in the last three in the half years. when barack obama was elected the had taken 43 presidents, two centuries to build up a 10 trillion-dollar debt. in three and a half years that has grown to over $16 trillion. we are galloping down the road to where greece and italy and much of europe find themselves. before shuttle it and we can look across the atlantic and see where the end of the road takes us. americans we will not go quietly into the night. [applause]
3:36 pm
and i give you my word, my very top priority in the u.s. senate to be if and when together we win the election in november with your help, we will debate it will help lead the fight to shrink the size, power and spending of the federal government. the first item on the agenda will be to repeal every single word of obamacare. [applause]
3:37 pm
we've got to stop the abuse of federal power and the regulatory state in washington that isn't accountable to congress or the people. we've got to stop the abuse of and for some of the environmental law. i don't know how many of you all are unfamiliar with the wizard and west texas that the obama administration was talking about using to try to shut down oil and gas production. i will tell you i have a couple things to say about that. number one, that's our lizard. [laughter] [applause] and you know what, they make fine boots. [applause]
3:38 pm
you want to understand the harmful impact out of control regulation can have. i would encourage you to go to western pennsylvania. the marcella shell doesn't end of the state border, but the jobs to. there's an incredible explosion of productivity with natural gas western pennsylvania is seeing 9% growth and you walk 10 feet north across the state line and the knucklehead politicians of new york won't let them develop the resources, and maryland apparently the politicians think unemployed people in new york don't want to work. but this is dangerous. unchecked federal government
3:39 pm
power threatens everyone. [applause] we need to repeal dodd-frank. [applause] talk about a bill you don't need to read any further than the title to know that nothing good can come of it. we need to audit the federal reserve. [applause] just this week we discovered the que e3 because you know printing vast sums of money that's already worked out well for countries. we need sound of money in this country.
3:40 pm
not just that, our national security. the events this week in libya and throughout the middle east they are radicals throughout the world, the islamic terrorists the would murder each and every one of us. we have a president of the united states that was utterly unable to utter the words radical islamic terrorists. you know just this week we remember the tragedy of 9/11 and if memory serves me right, it wasn't a random collection of
3:41 pm
boy scouts on those airplanes, it was radicals that wanted to destroy us, our lives, our faith, our values and way of life. we now mourn the ambassador chris stevens whose lives were stripped from them. the consistent throughout history it's the bullies and tyrants don't respect weakness. my friends here in the front row hearken back to the founding era again if my recollection serves me, the declaration of independence didn't say our
3:42 pm
rights are being trampled we would like to sit down and have some tea. [applause] and i will tell you as unrest sweeps the middle east, and we all hope and pray that it tempers, dampens there is no time it's critical that we would stand unfailingly with our ally the nation of israel. [applause] and it speaks volumes that this
3:43 pm
week we discovered president obama was just too busy to make time to meet with prime minister netanyahu. he is going next week on david letterman, that's obama, not netanyahu. but the president doesn't have time to stand with israel. it's dangerous for israel and for the world, and it's dangerous to the united states of america. [applause] number three, our religious liberties are threatened. you know, the family research council just recently saw the kind of bigotry and hatred and violence that can be directed at
3:44 pm
people of faith. and everyone of us should be thankful to leo johnson. [applause] who risked his life and stopped potentially the murder of many in a sense -- innocence. president obama sally has not respected the religious liberty to indeed, his administration has manifested contempt for our religious liberty. you know, it wasn't long ago that the democratic party was a party that was proud to be the first to be president of the united states.
3:45 pm
let me ask you something. what if all smith or john f. kennedy say to a president that says to the catholics of america change your religious beliefs or i will use my powers as president to shut down your hospital. there are not words to describe how far we've come. i have to admit i was visiting the backstage with gary bauer. [applause] he was pointing out something just recently, the epa put out a flier for the hispanic fund and who did they choose to represent that? che guevara. you know the thing is you can't make this stuff up.
3:46 pm
that is what we were shaking our heads about. what ever you think is too much, they go and do more. and i have to admit my reaction i actually thought it was inappropriate that the epa was singling out che guevara come and oprah's of murder. talk about you can't make this up. how many of you saw the democratic party platform? when, as you know, they had deleted any reference to god and to the fact that jerusalem is the capitol of israel. and when they took a little bit of grief, when they started getting crevices on the order came to stick it back. so they did. but there was a novel problem with needing to get the votes.
3:47 pm
so they voted not once, not twice, not three times. the third time i thought i heard a rooster crow. [applause] and then the mayor of los angeles i just decided that he wanted to channel the mayor of chicago because he said the ayes have it, never mind of the votes, and the reaction next five seconds you can't make up. a roomful of the elected delegates, the chosen representatives of the
3:48 pm
democratic party booed at full volume. you know it's sad when you are looking at the elected democrats to the padilla gets of the party and you cannot tell which is more unpopular, daughter or jerusalem. i said that video out to the thousands on the list and i would encourage people to watch this, don't listen to me. you can't trust any of these. but just watch this. watch the video of the selected democratic delegates and ask yourself do these people reflect your values? this is an extreme and radical time. you cannot make this up. the fourth and final thing i want to say that's threatened is our u.s. constitution. this is a president who has
3:49 pm
repeatedly ignored and trample on the constitution who has ignored the rule of law whether it was early in the administration where he said i will refuse to defend the federal defense of marriage act. or whether it was when he poured in offshore drilling moratorium in place despite the fact that he had no legal authority to do so or whether rose recently when he declared 800,000 illegal aliens would be given amnesty by the stroke of a pen, never aligned with the federal immigration law is were. a man sometimes that for the hat of king louis. but the constitution gives the president of responsibility to, quote take care of law that he faithfully execute its and this
3:50 pm
president has repeatedly advocated that responsibility. you want to talk about threats to the constitution before running before the senate and marching with so many of you in this battle i served five and half years with the solicitor general texas representing texas before the u.s. supreme court over and over again we fought to defend the constitution, and some of the victories that we won over and over again one by one vote. the supreme court of the united states right now teeters and the balance. one justice. we are one justice away from a radical five justice liberal majority. you want to understand the stakes of this race the stock about some of the cases with the solicitor general who defended the constitutionality of the commandments. we 15-4.
3:51 pm
[applause] one justice away. we defended the abortion constitution act 5-4. [applause] one justice away from that decision. we defended the second amendment individual rights to keep and bear arms and we've won 5-4. [applause] and we stood up and fought the world court from the united nations and president of the united states and defended u.s. sovereignty. [applause] and we won narrowly as well.
3:52 pm
every one of those decisions go away. if you cherish the constitution as i know everyone of you do, the constitution is at stake. i want to close with two quick observations. number one is easy to read the paper and watch television. but i want to come to view the word of encouragement. there is something incredible sweeping the country. the book says there is nothing new under the sun. what is happening right now reminds me of 1979. we had a radical leftist in the white house. it took jimmy carter to give us ronald reagan. [applause]
3:53 pm
and i am convinced the most long lasting legacy of barack obama is free to be a generation of leaders in the republican party stand and to defend liberty. [applause] we are doing this together. we are marching arm in arm, we, the people, and together we will we plan liberty and restore the constitution, and together we will preserve that shining city on a hill that is the united
3:54 pm
states of america. thank. [applause] think you sent to the center cruz. [applause] >> he mentioned during his speech tonight as we begin our program at the very beginning the family research council will be very proud to recognize his surface every word him and honor him, that is to fight for their role in saving lives. [applause]
3:55 pm
american values is another one of our original sponsors for the annual voters some at led by the president and founder berry bauer today he served as a secretary of education and as the president's chief domestic policy adviser. he brought the family research council international prominence as president for ten years. in 2000, garrey took his pro-family pro-life message across the country and into the republican presidential debates and primaries. today gary bauer continues to be one of the champions of faith, family and freedom for his leadership with american values. ladies and gentlemen would you welcome to the podium gary bauer. [applause]
3:56 pm
>> thank you. very nice. appreciate that a great deal. i told you the same thing i will tell you again. ronald reagan told me to get a standing ovation you need to sit down immediately because you have nowhere to go but down after that. so i proceed at my own risk to read my friends it is always good to see you here in d.c. but as the flood have it your year this week during a very bad week for the country. i was up in the hotel room watching the bodies of ambassador chris stevens, shawn smith, glenn orie doherty arriving home to the country that they loved. the u.s. ambassador and the others were brutally murdered as
3:57 pm
we talked this afternoon the u.s. embassies across the middle east now spreading to other parts of the world are under siege. in cairo is the champion at the gates. obama we are all osama's now. the response to that is if you are all osama's now, you will reach the same fate he did. [applause] >> ladies and gentlemen these events unfolding are not unusual. over the last 50 years the american embassies have been besieged time and time again by
3:58 pm
the islamic mobs over and over again. they can't bring us down. what can lay oslo is the weak response of our government that we have seen all this week. from the state department, the message has been the same. we are told that in anti-islam itself is the cause of the riots. some commentators called to the filmmaker to be in present because he made a lousy film. the administration has issued a statement after statement reassuring the muslim world that we respect all faiths and believe in the denigration of
3:59 pm
non. that's good news. i assume sometime this week the administration will withdraw the obamacare regulations trying to force the catholic church to violate their own teaching. [applause] we are being told even though we are free men and women we need to restrain our freedom and that we need to be very worried and careful about the psyche of muslims around the world so that we do not irritate anyone. my friends, i still remember the day after 9/11. we haven't even pulled the bodies out of the smoking wreckage yet and palestinian muslims, people that we have given billions of your tax dollars to ran into the streets shooting guns in the air giving candy to their children
4:00 pm
celebrating our pain and suffering. i remember daniel pearl the wall street reporter maybe some media people what to think about their dead colleagues. daniel pearl tormented and tortured by videotape made to look into the camera and say over and over again i am a jew before they decapitated him and send the video of his severed head all over the middle east as a recruiting tool. don't tell me to worry about muslim sensibilities. [applause] those in our government making
4:01 pm
these arguments are in powering the mobs. we owe no apology to any islamist. [applause] thousands of our sons and daughters have lost their legs, have lost their arms, have lost their lives, liberating the muslims of iraq and afghanistan. they paid the ultimate price. ..
4:02 pm
the talking heads, the university professors and our friends and media tell us that was caused by some pain -- no, that is the cartoonist, he should not have done that. no, it's past share data florida. now, some infidel touched a koran. my friends comment ease are the excuses. they are not the cause. the cause of the mobs as radical islam. it's a cancer growing in the middle of that state. it is the mosque all over the world with radical mis. but to be certain to get the
4:03 pm
favor of allah to submit or to kill them. [applause] a response to this mess to be defend militarily our country and our people, but just accordingly and must be the intellectually to defend western civilization, judeo-christian civilization. when is the last time you heard anybody in this administration even say the words judeo-christian civilization? ronald reagan used to talk about the west all the time. i've heard the president repeatedly defend the muslim world, talk about the wonders of muslim civilization. but there is a thing called judeo-christian civilization. it has been and is today a
4:04 pm
course for good throughout the world. the founders put an idea of our civilization right in the middle of the second paragraph, where it says we hope these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal and endowed by their creator. memo to the american civil liberties union and these folks demonstrating outside the hotel. that's a god, endowed by their creator with certain unalienable rights are life, liberty and pursuit of happiness. that is the central idea of who we are. you know, for a lot of people on the left, those words are like fingernails on a chalk board because you see the left is increasingly radically secular. they don't even believe there is a god, so how can they expect the worst our founding fathers
4:05 pm
did that god is the author of our liberty? ladies and gentlemen, the career convicted to god the creator in that paragraph is not just any god. i say this not meaning to offend anyone. but that is not the god of the koran. [applause] the reason i feel comfortable saying that if there's countries all over the world that has been established on the perception that day i did teachers of the koran and they are not pleasant places to live. they are not pleasant places to live for women. they are not pleasant places to live for religious minority. they're not pleasant places to live if you want to follow the freedom of conscience. our founders were very learned
4:06 pm
man as they want the constitution they were reading the torah and the new testament, the jewish and christian scriptures. and there they found the concepts two d. ideas that they used the undercurrent, the idea of this civilization and of this country. where they wrote those words in the second paragraph, they were revolutionary words, people yearning for freedom have recited those words time and time again. chinese students rebelling and china years ago in tiananmen square hauled up our declaration of independence as the chinese army in the streets. [applause] the words were revolutionary, but they were also ancient. they go all the way back to genesis, were caused that the scriptures say, so god created man in his own image and in the image of god he created him,
4:07 pm
mail and e-mails, he created them. we don't even fully understand what that means as all of us are created in the image of god. but we know this, that because that is true, whether you are rich are poor, black or white, whether you are a handicap tv or an elderly person suffering with alzheimer's, no matter how much you've got, no matter what the problem is you have physically or mentally, you had dignity and value and worth. that is the central idea of western civilization. that is worth defending and we should cower in front of anybody that is challenging that idea. [applause] the creator and that paragraph is the god of abraham, the guide
4:08 pm
is said to abraham, he blesses israel i will bless. he who curses israel i will curse. our two nations, israel and the united states stand as the two strong pillars of judeo-christian civilization. it is not an accident that we are painted by the same enemies. it is not an accident that overexcited honks, churches are attacked around the world, tom been set on fire without any emergency meeting at the united nation's benefit teeth out of the state department or the oval office of the united states. hot mark everywhere this civilization has brought with it freedom, tolerance, religious liberty and dignity and equality of women. i would say this week, watching
4:09 pm
events unfold, seeing how the media have handled these events. elmo, i have been here far longer than i care to remember, 30 or 35 years. i know many honorable, good decent people who actually try to be journalists. my friends commit this week reporters were acting like top jocks from one political party. they were trying to somehow shift the blame for the events in the middle east onto that romney? are you serious? or some questions in order come is someone in the media line to ask the president, how is it that a paper in london is reported at our embassies were warned 48 hours ahead of time that they were likely going to be attacks on 9/11? why weren't those embassies reinforced?
4:10 pm
[applause] is anybody going to ask the president why it is that he is repeatedly missing the morning meeting for the intelligence brief? you know, i worked for ronald reagan for eight years and i used to tell audiences like this all over the country, you have no idea what a president does every day. from the first thing he sees, the first thing he gets his intelligence briefing, giving him threat assessment of all the threats facing this country around the world. it is why their hair turns prematurely gray. americans would not be old to sleep at night if they knew how many bullets we dodge every single day in america. it has been reported all over for the last two weeks that the president doesn't find time to go to the media is because as one of his defenders said, he reads the material and be so
4:11 pm
smart he really doesn't need to ask any questions about it. can you imagine, ladies and gentlemen, this week if there was a week like this in the bush administration, when embassies were being burned, when ambassador was coming home in a casket? can you imagine if george bush flew to las vegas to do a fundraiser? the media would be talking about it for the next 55 days. [applause] my friends, all this talk about the middle east. again, i want to reassure you, we will get through this. all this talk about the middle
4:12 pm
east, i know it's been touched on a few times today, but it's so good i've got to touch on it. all this talk about the middle east reminds me of the democratic convention a couple weeks ago. for the obama delegates, as you all probably solve took out of the platform that historic party, the only reference to god in the platform. and the historic democratic commitments in the belief that jerusalem is the capital of israel. matt salmon commentators suggest it's no big deal, that inside the beltway issue, people do care about the platform. those people don't care. my friend, what happened there was incredibly important, not because it is a little platform, but because what it tells you about the people gathered at that convention, the delegates
4:13 pm
selected by barack obama to run as his delicates all over america. that is why they write that convention. there are powerful forces in the president's coalition to want to take the city of jerusalem and divided in half and give half of that holy city, which by the way, jewish reliving an in washington d.c. was still a swamp. they want to give half of that city to the people riding in the streets on our television screens this week. president obama himself has shown more anger, more emotion, more pounding of his status at news that the israeli government has built homes in jerusalem for israelis. then he has ever shown at the
4:14 pm
news that ahmadinejad, who denies one holocaust while he promises another has lied to the president and lied to the world about the nuclear weapons he has built. so yes -- yes. [applause] when they take jerusalem out of the platform, it means some pain. they were sending a message. and then there is god getting rooted out. why is that not a big deal? really the obama delegates were following obama is a year or so ago the president of the united states, three, 45 times in a row the constitutional scholar quoted the second paragraph, the declaration of independence, writing speeches. anybody want to cast what wor he left out? endowed by their creator, wise
4:15 pm
people in town help. you're not really believing and not are you? yes, i am because they believe that liberty comes from government and because they planned a running government for a long time, those words that it comes from god and that they can't take it away drives them not. [applause] said they do these things in the platform. and guess what? people notice. the american jewish of the most democratic party. it has a great history of supporting israel. harry truman, first national worldbeater to recognize the new modern nation of israel after it was created has told people later in the oval office he was
4:16 pm
king cyrus, saving the. that democratic party today is the most anti-israel residence in the united states. [applause] so jewish democrats started calling to campaign. what in the world is going on? by which you do this? and then black pastors started calling the campaign, samba, i'm already having trouble getting my congregation to support the president in the position on same-sex marriage. now you take god out of the platform? folks, i'm not making this up. but pastors all over america monitored in the news are quoted as saying i call my representative right away. what is going on in my party? said the poor mayor of los angeles i believe it was when not to the podium to try and clean up the mess.
4:17 pm
and we watched votes in a row before they could put god in jerusalem back in the platform. and folks, god and jerusalem lost all three of those. i mean, the only reason they got put back in the platform was that the mayor of los angeles does at that party does so well on voting. they cheated. [applause] ladies and gentlemen, i was trying to think about what caused reactionism all of this. you know, i don't tank he was sitting on the edge of his throne like my gosh, i lost that first vote. good, you're going to vote again. i didn't have a chance to get my people together. they're all at the other party's convention anyways.
4:18 pm
[applause] no, i don't think he had anything to worry about. every delegate at the democratic party, knows them all, counts the hairs of your head. there's one sparrow falls to the ground, great nation rises god doesn't have anything to worry about. but i tell you this, if i were god, i wouldn't want to be on the platform does so proudly, completely, totally, aggressively embraces the destruction of over 1.2 million of his creation, innocent unborn babies every year in this country.
4:19 pm
[applause] e-mail, ladies and gentlemen, democratic parties in recent decades said they wanted abortion to be safe, legal and rare. adventures game rhetorical thing to say is that they send the signal that abortion wasn't something to be happy about. the other constitutional rights, the freedom of speech wanted to be rare for the freedom of religion should be rare, but they say this is a constitutional right and they said for decades were treating it right. you know what? they took rare out four years ago. he remained at this year. nobody even noticed that. this is proud to the party for decades that it represented the guy. it's allowing the slaughter of the littlest guys of all. they are to be ashamed of
4:20 pm
themselves. [applause] so, my friends, i've got so much more that i can say. and going to a prediction. we're going to vote in a little over 50 days. it's going to be a close election. there will be a lot of people to vote for the president. there's a lot of people out now around america who depend on checks from their fellow taxpayers being in the mailbox every day. they will turn out in massive numbers, but so will the entrepreneurs, the small businessmen and women, the military families, the soldiers in harms way, millions of americans that want to hope again. millions of americans who want their children to get out of the house and get their jobs and start their lives. they are going to vote, too. my prediction is after all the
4:21 pm
votes are counted, even the dad says that democrats in chicago, detroit and cleveland, i predict that we will win, that this nightmare will be over and america will finally be on the road to recovery. god bless you and thank you very much. [applause] >> as i have often said about gary bauer is one-of-a-kind in the liberals are glad about that.
4:22 pm
the house judiciary committee sits on the substitution committee. he believes the constitution means what it says and then it should be a mind of our founding fathers. imagine not. in fact he has never come without a copy of the constitution in this coat pocket. ladies and gentlemen, please welcome from the great state of iowa, representative steve king. [applause] ♪ >> wow, thank you. all right. thank you all very much. thanks for the welcome to ask rc and everyone contributing to make this conference what it is. and for me, sitting back listening to gary bauer speech, i am up clapping my hands, too. it gets me going and i'm wondering here what kind of a void he has left me to try to
4:23 pm
fill. but you know, i want to thank frc and i want to do it in this way by telling you of an example of how people that are in the front lines every day, but in a brief in our faith and values can make a difference and change things in the real world in short times. and that would be this. last december 1st, we received an e-mail from an e-mail from tom mccluskey do with a copy of an order, a memo that was written by walter reid military hospital. and that memo that came to us, standing there when it came true. some of you know about this memo dated september 14, 2011 and its four pages long, single spaced. and you get down to the end of the memo and this is how they do with visitors at walter reid hospital. visitors for wanted warriors, for honorable, noble patriot and
4:24 pm
item number asks as the religious items i.e. dipoles, reading material and or artifacts are allowed to be given away or used during a visit. can you believe that? in the united states of america, every soldier, sailor, airman and marine took an oath to uphold this constitution. and the first amendment gives us freedom of religion and they took it off and put their lives on the line and many of them gave their lives and lives to defend this constitution. and yet it is violated a the order at walter reid. now it was handed to me in the morning. i'm going to guess somebody give me a memo. 8:10 in the morning i guess it is. and i went to the floor later on to give a speech about actonel, six or so hours later and i
4:25 pm
didn't know if i was going to speak to her, but this memo is in my jacket pocket. i thought i'm going to let fly with a really tank. [applause] actually hears them out. it was handed to me at 2:14 p.m. december 1. i was on the floor at 8:10 p.m. that same day given that speech, leading to know about our soldiers, sailors, airmen and marines that are paid such a price to defend this constitution. that sends a message out, and sure it echoed through walter reid. was descended the following morning at 10:30 a.m. [applause] that doesn't happen if people enjoy bertman tom mccluskey and many others around the ball watching these things, having a
4:26 pm
network of information and in knowing where to send it to get a response. and i will say then also, shortly after that we had in aiding with an admiral and personnel. senator grassley and myself in my office and they agreed they would rewrite the rule. now this all happened on december 1st that came out. they withdrew the rule on december 2nd. the thing that was ironic as i was looking through some of the date, december 2nd, happen to also be the date of the bill i was reminded of when i listen to gary bauer. there is the main religious workers into the united states from all across different places in the world. it's the religious workers visa. we grabbed 5000 of those ear to come into the united states and then assist another 5000, another 5000. so i look at that and i think how many baptist ministers are going into saudi arabia to preach the word they are? zero. in fact, we had an awfully
4:27 pm
difficult time getting a bible into a place like saudi arabia and other arab countries. so i introduced a bill in the same day, coincidental, kobe reciprocity act. [applause] you understand. but what it simply says is when i religious workers are allowed into your country and we have an agreement to do that, you can send a religious workers to our country under a similar agreement. if not, no deal. [applause] so i wanted to talk about some of the lawlessness, the unconstitutional activities taking place out of the oval office in the united states. i do care a lot about this constitution and there is a fine wine, i think a bright lines separation of powers between the legislative, executive and judicial branch of government. i watch as the president of the
4:28 pm
united states takes an oath of office and included in that oath is the language referred to within the constitution that said he shall take care that the laws be faithfully executed. so it is his job to defend the word of the people voice to the congress and signed by any previous president or himself. not so with dogma, is that? the defense of marriage act or the president said is going to an evolving position on same-sex marriage comes up finally decided he no longer supported thomas? said he decided they would not defend the assault on the defensive marriage act act out of the executive ranch, which is his duty to do so in part of his nose. well, i am not as concerned about that at some of the other things because i don't want to send someone in their code through the game so to speak that i don't want to send shoeless joe jackson and to the defense of marriage act. we've got the president of the
4:29 pm
united states undermine by sending memos that were military personnel are first directed them to the next same-sex marriage in the military bases, anywhere when it's legal and finally replaced in that memorandum upon us is going to do so, but we're not going to order you to a same-sex marriage and there have been none. i'm bases around the world, places in the united states, same-sex marriage and direct offense to the defense of marriage act. this is an undermining of our cost of tuition and will slot in separation of powers. that is one item. there are so many others. no child left behind suspended by the president of the united states. he doesn't have the discretion to do that. welfare to work. back in the 90s, a hard knot always thought and bill clinton finally signed the welfare reform act. there are 80 different means tested federal worker programs
4:30 pm
in the united states, 80. no one can muster memory, no one knows how they interact with each other advocate for people to do the right thing or discourage them from doing it wrong. in many cases and encourages them to do the wrong name. but there's only one, there required welfare to work or temporary assistance for needy families. that was written so tight to prevent clinton from supporting away for the welfare to work. president obama knew that and instead he's still suspended welfare to work at his executive edict. that is unconstitutional for him. he does not have the authority to do such a thing that we sat here watching some of this happen. i will tell you people come to me and say what it should fix this? venture fix that and the other thing? the answer to that as i can stop and do only one thing for maybe two years and undo one of the things that barack obama has done. meanwhile, scores, hundreds, maybe thousands of them creep up
4:31 pm
on us. they are doing great violence to the constitution and the united states and the rule of law and welfare to work is just one of those. then, we also have this piece called tremont way. now i know little about that policy. i sat on the immigration committee for now 10 years. the president of the united states giving a speech before the school year in washington d.c. said to them, and bell high school, i know you want me to pass the dream act by executive order, but i can't do that. you've been studying the constitution. you know this is march 28, 2011 by the way. you know i can't do that because there's a separation of power. congress passes a law and my job is to enforce them in the judicial branch is to interpret them. that was the president's word a year ago last march. last june 15th, he turned
4:32 pm
180 degrees and with a high degree of audacity, which i think is the president's favorite word, audacity. with a straight face, seemed upon himself the power for executive edict. and they wrote and not memorandum seven places they talked about -- let's say, seven places of prosecutorial discretion and use the word individual appeared when you read something like that from a legal is, that says they are preparing for litigation. well, i better prepare for the dictation on that one. that's the one we can stop this in that way. the president created for classes of people. that's unconstitutional. only the congress can do that. it is prosecutorial tested individuals, not classes of people. he created for classes of people and he directed u.s. citizenship immigration services to issue work permits to people that were
4:33 pm
subject to removal proceedings. he made a work permit out of thin air, and hair. and every single permit that allows somebody to be in the united states that is not naturally born he was greeted by the congress, not the president of the united states. that only brings me to the one that is the most egregious. and that is the destruction he's done to our religious freedom but the health and human services order that directs employers, all employers, including our religious employers to provide contraceptives, sterilization to their insurance policy for every one of their employees. and that goes directly against most of our religious institutions in the country, the ones i side with anyway. that includes the catholic church especially. when the president announced this would have, he did so at noon on a friday. he announced this would happen in two years later after taking
4:34 pm
a beating from the public he held press conference. he said well, i'm going to change it now. now i'm going to give the religious institutions should make an accommodation to the religious institutions and i'm now going to require insurance companies to provide this contraceptive sterilization for free. remember, he said twice for free. and i'm listening to this press conference live and i'm thinking, what could the president has done to change this rule is authorized under obamacare that he can order the insurance companies now to take this on as they do so for free? we went back and looked at the publisher will that eventually has effect if allowed. nothing changed. at night that it differently, not a tea crusted fillet. as the president of the united states that i said under the immigration piece coming manufactured immigration law
4:35 pm
anywhere permit out of thin air. this president had the audacity to attempt to insofar succeed in legislation a press conference. never happened before that i knew us. we can't let this man do it. it comes at us if they pace so fast and so hard. [applause] so fast and so hard that we get run over by that chart from the white house that it's time you peel yourself off the pavement they run you over again. our solution comes in november. we are going to stand and fight this every day. our solution comes in november. and so, you know, i want to tell you also, obamacare. i don't have to say a lot about it. but it is this, the most sovereign thing you have is your soul. we hold that can do we protect that. it is sovereign to us. god grant statuettes at the
4:36 pm
moment of conception. the president had to figure out how to nationalize that. but they have under obamacare figured out how to stake your skin, take over the management and unconstitutional takings for the management of your house. the full 100 k-kilo of obamacare. i want to do that. [applause] i want to have that repeal ready january 28, 2013 for mitt romney to sign as soon as he takes his hand down from the oath of office. [applause] no more obamacare. that has got to go. [applause] and let me bring it around to
4:37 pm
those. ronald reagan articulated clearly a shining city on the hill that america was, that america is. in this image is in his mind's eye. but that shining city on the didn't sit on nothing. it didn't float on a cloud. it wasn't thin air. it sits on something solid. as the pillars of american exceptionalism. beautiful marble pillars are the underpinnings on the hill. they are in there in the bill of rights or the freedom of speech and religion in the press, the right to assemble a position of the camera for agreements is to keep and bear arms, property rights, of all powers to the people consisted of people respectively. those things are in the bill of rights. free enterprise capitalism, the economic machine that brings us out of the economic doldrums. the rule of law, an essential pillar of american exceptionalism.
4:38 pm
our judeo-christian values, western civilization. pillar after pillar after pillar holding up a shining city on the hill. and what are we with? the president of the united states and his leftist minions out there every day with their little jackhammers chiles been away, underlining the pillars of american exceptionalism from attempting to bring down the shining city on the hill, turn it into rubble and they have no idea what they would on top of that rubble. but i know this. we are not going to let them do that. we will refurbish those pillars come as strength in the shining city on the hill will serve god and country in that order. there is a fine future for the united states of america and we're going to have a chance to limit. when that picture comes, it will be our victory, not his victory. god bless you all. god bless america.
4:39 pm
[applause] ♪ >> thank you, congressman king. there is a team going through today. four years ago, america was asking, who is barack obama? after four years, america's asking who does barack obama think he is? well, we have a very special message that was made today, just for you from the man who is running against him. let's look at the monitors together right now. >> hello, i appreciate the opportunity to speak with you today and i regret the commitments on the campaign trail prevent me from joining you in person. over the last year, we have had reminders for standing up for our values is not always easy, but it is critically important. i like to thank tony perkins of the family research council for their leadership and for once again bring in all of us
4:40 pm
together to discuss vital issues that affect our country and our families. they see her come in voter summit takes place at a critical moment. in less than two months, americans will go to the polls to choose between two very different visions for our future. for the past 15 months i've met people all across the country and from all walks of life. i have talked with them in ballroom center aprons and high school gymnasium's and on factory floors. these americans are good, honest and hard-working people. they are proud to cling to their religion and to the constitution , the american dream and the principles our nation was founded on. but today, many of them are experiencing tough times. millions of americans can't find work. too many have lost their jobs in their homes. farge and many are living in poverty. nearly one in six of this administration has failed to make things better. in fact, it has become even
4:41 pm
harder for fellow citizens to get back on their feet and get back to work. across the country of her stories about the great strainer troubled economy of space. moms and dads said at the kitchen table each night, trying to figure out how to pay a growing stack of bills. they are working harder than ever just to break even. they feel like they are standing still. they are tired of being tired. that's not the best america can do. this is the best the obama administration can do. we can turn things around and start this november by make you a big change to the top. we need a president who shares our commitment to conservative principles and our respect for traditional values. we will uphold the sanctity of life, not abandoned or ignore it and we will defend marriage, not try to redefine it. we need a president who understands we will not have a stronger economy unless we have strong communities and strong families.
4:42 pm
this is a conjecture of some quite believe evidenced by brookings institution study by senator rick santorum brought to my attention some time ago. for those who graduate from high school, get a full-time job and wait until they're 21 before they marry and then have their first child, the probability that they will be poor is 2%. those things are absent, the probability of becoming poorer 76%. in short, culture matters and this president, i will protect her culture and preserve the values of hard work, personal responsibility, family and faith. above all, we must preserve the american spirit of one nation, under god, as president, all support the expression of religious faith in the public square. our government should respect our values, not seek to silence and. i am proud to a polymer ion is my running mate. he will speak with you during the summit about our shared commitment to these values and our common world view.
4:43 pm
paul and i will provide the kind of leadership that this moment demand. will work to strengthen our families, rebuild our economy and to keep our military second to none in the world. all we ask is that between now and november 6 you join us and commit like never before. this election can come down to just one more vote. i ask you to find that one boat, ask one more person to join our campaign. ask one more person who supported president obama four years ago i didn't get the change they deserved to join our cause. one more vote to make the difference in this election in this election and make the difference for america. thank you and god bless the united states of america. [applause] >> thank you, folks. we asked barack obama to submit
4:44 pm
a video, but he was busy dishing for "american idol." [laughter] we are just a tad over, which often happens, but these have been really good times we appreciate so much her patience and indulgence. we have two speakers who want to share before we take our late afternoon break. coming in a few minutes you will be hearing from a former terrorist who worked for yasser arafat, moammar gadhafi, hafez assad of syria and has come to christ and has an incredible testimony and can definitely speak with passion and authority on the issues that are unfolding this very day. so you want to stay for that. but first, we are honored to have a man who was named pro-life legislator of the year from united conservatives of ohio and when the defender of life award from ohio writes of life for us on wavering commitment to protect teens the
4:45 pm
sanctity of human life and congress has championed legislation and offensive beyond horn and has led the fight and profamily issues such as sand and traditional marriage. for the 100th congress he was elected chairman of the republican senate committee, which is very important to us. this is the caucus of house conservatives for the purpose of advancing a conservative social and economic agenda in the house of representatives of the united states of america. ladies and gentlemen, would you please welcome, representative jim jordan. [cheers and applause] [cheers and ♪ >> you guys have listened to a lot of speakers and i will work under over time.
4:46 pm
so i'll be brief. but as in mr. romney's message right on target? i live in a state that matters a lot in this election and mitt romney is the right guy. while her over the state or the message he gave, this is one of the elections where you want and sally and cousin joey never want to go. so make sure you do that. it is an election where there are two distinct paths they can take as a nation. it's just one of those critical moments come as a thank you for all you're doing in the fight across this country. i want to thank tony perkins is a great friend and everyone above today. let me just start here. i'm almost a year ago, november last year, pauline, my wife and i along with tony and his family to visit congress were in israel. we were there the week that the iaea announced that iran was getting close as we all know they are. fascinating time. it's always a fascinating time,
4:47 pm
but the day that we had a chance to visit with prime minister netanyahu was today they made for capability. one of the things that came through, didn't matter who you were talking to. talk to folks in the private sector and the private government. they all said the same thing. they said the best way, the absolute best way your country can help our country, the best way to united states of america is for america to stay strong. they say when you're stronger, were safe. when you're stronger, were better. and this is i think sometimes what this administration does. the world's a scary place. watch the tv. watch was going on right now in the mideast. as a less scary, less dangerous than a better place in the united states of america with our histories, principles, values when we leave.
4:48 pm
that is what is at stake ultimately. ultimately that is what's at stake in this election and why so important to do everything we can to help governor romney win this race. i think they're doing everything wrong. here's the simple fact. if you want to lead diplomatically you first have to leave militarily. if you want to lead economically, you had better be on the right values, is also my cold sure. in this administration -- [applause] >> this administration seems to be doing everything wrong. any talk about the economic issues, rent on the list. energy policy, monetary policy. some point we're going to have to get back. fiscal policy -- health care policy, we all know how outrageous obama carries anon anon it goes. education policy, allowing people to send their kid to help them get to the american dreams.
4:49 pm
anon anon it goes it goes. every audience. how many of you think we need a new tax code? is always the same response. every hand goes up in those too lazy to raise their hand at a few of the race there had. but everybody gets it. any tax cut on the personal side says to 47 son of the poulation would not participate in the main pack. dynamic websites is to american companies to pay the highest corporate tax rate in the world is. so if it's broken and come you might want to start over. [applause] and you can go down the list and i won't go through all of them first-time state, but i'll let you all in on a little secret. at some point we're going to have to spend less money. we're going to have to cut some rain. and you know now it's not about the numbers so much.
4:50 pm
it's about what it means to people. we've got a 16 trying dollars at bigger than economy. whenever dad is bigger than gdp is a bad place to be. we're going to spend $200 billion to service that debt. they're going to go out. and if they go up just modestly, which they will at some point, we'll go from spending 200 billion to where we have to spend more in interest than we currently spend on national defense from which begs the obvious question, how do you sustain that model? you simply can't. we're going to have to cut. anybody ever seen the musical 1776? great show. of course this where we all started here the music takes place right in independence hall, where the founders are debating the declaration. that document will declare to the world why this place of the different, why this place the birdie would really mean some
4:51 pm
rain. the scene that i like this where jefferson has drafted a paper in their marking it up. they are debating the declaration and adding an amending of adjusting the language in the document. of course adams is the driving force behind it. he's impatient and pushing and pushing and one member stands up and says they may know when to say it exactly like this. our beef is mostly with the king in reference to parliament as someone else stands up and said yes, although our concerns are with the king come we may want to change the sentence, this paragraph. but at the third member stands up and says it got to be concerned about this because of our deep-sea fishing rights would have off the coast. and finally he can't take it any longer and stands up and says it's a revolution. we're going to have to offend somebody. [laughter] and the plane as we're going to have to have the discipline to do the right name.
4:52 pm
i've only been in congress returns, but one thing i've learned is a convenient name isn't always what it's done. the right thing that we have to discipline. we're going to get there if we did. [applause] we've got a chance to get their. it is the cultural concerns are the sure foundation, respect for the sanctity of life. you know, the first institution, i know you all know this. it wasn't the church and it wasn't the state. it was the family and the strength to that institution ultimately determines the strength of our entire society and our entire culture. the people in positions -- [applause] of influence over policy need to keep that in mind.
4:53 pm
it doesn't matter the reason you're for lowering taxes is not because of economic policy, but they will spend to go after their school spirit it's all about those issues that form the base so we can have a strong military, so we can diplomatically be the leader of the world and the world isn't safer and and better place. again, that is what is at stake in this election. i learned a long time ago if you want to accomplish anything that matters, things that have significant meaning, it isn't easy. it is always difficult. you want to do things that count? can i take work, effort, sacrifice. and so i want to thank you for getting involved. johnson then i spoke together a year ago when he said something that stuck with me. it's interesting to know how history is played out in this great nation.
4:54 pm
every third generation has had to do some big and he started right where we just wear. the founders. declaring to the world by displays would mean something here. no one thought they could win. they prevailed against the longest odds pot. three generations later those americans laugh at that point in history kept the union together, dealt with the slavery when it looked very, very difficult and they were successful. three generations after them, americans got through the great depression, handled the second war and everything associated with that and they made it again when the yacht slips along. and now here we are, three generations later and the simple fact is it's our turn and it will not be easy. it will not be easy. again, just the way it works. but her african sacrifice and the grace of god and the good
4:55 pm
things can happen. down to 54, 53 days. this one is critical and vicious one of those moments. we were on a jury last week -- two weeks ago with some friends. we had a free afternoon, so we too are the wright brothers home in dayton, ohio. it was fascinating. when off through their comment into the fascinating old home we enjoy data went through. the last room we were in, the guy held up a picture of when they first flew, the first flight. in 1803. we looked at it and it was amazing. in the next picture they held up, 44 years later, chuck yeager -- think about that, in 44 years we went from first flight to breaking the sound barrier. if you take the next step, 22 years later, in 1869, neil
4:56 pm
armstrong steps on the moon. that reflects what this country is about. the makeup of the american people is unbelievable. so again, thank you for stepping in the fight. they learned a long time ago you did in the game to be criticized, i tell my colleagues on the time of the press is saying something bad about you come you're probably not doing anything good. [applause] sometimes the radio the national press to things as the other great line. he says many of you have of you have heard it, but i get up every morning, read my bible and "the new york times" i can see what each side is that too. so just understand it. i know you know this. it's not going to be easy, but we can get through it and we can meet the challenge like we always have. after all, were americans.
4:57 pm
my favorite scripture verse and i will stop there. i mean it this time. my favorite scripture for a second time. paul is in prison, almost like the older, wiser guide. fight the good fight and keep the faith. i like the verse and i like the verse mostly because i think it is the first that applies to our country. americans are who we are. we are american. our ancestors had in europe you got to practice your faith a certain way. we'll come to america. issues part of who we are. we are not shy. we are not timid. we are people of action. that is what is required at this moment, this particular point in history.
4:58 pm
we're going to have to rise to the occasion and deal with it and unlike so many other things, to have the discipline to do it right when you come out on the other side, things are better and that's what we're going. god bless you, thank you very much. you [cheers and applause] ♪ >> thank you, folks. thank you once again. this is a perfect capture of what has been a glorious day. i may just tell you very quickly to set this up. our last speaker this afternoon was born into a large sunni muslim family. jim also named was raised to hate is jewish and christian and talked islamic radicalism by his parents. recruited by the muslim brotherhood hot in militancy as a child, he completed his first terror mission into israel for
4:59 pm
the plo at the age of seven. he ran important terror operations as a young and in the service of yasser arafat, moammar gadhafi, saddam hussein and hafez assad of syria. it was while he was recruiting radicals of america that he had a near fatal auto accident and was nursed back to health by loving, committed christians. he saw a different face of god than the one he'd been taught. he affected from his entire militants vienna slums themselves that all became an apostate, marked for death as there is no safe effects for a slacker today, military and intelligence officials, church congregations, university center merced or audience is about radical islam.


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